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  1. jason

    ” Easy, right? Of course it is, but it’s amazing how Apple doesn’t tell you that they changed it” Maybe you quickly swiped it away or didn’t notice it, but after upgrading to iOS7 earlier my phone indicated the new Spotlight search function and how to access it before it even displayed the home screen.

  2. Alan

    It told me about the change when in did the install as well, but I accidentally went by it a little too fast and missed what action brings it up.

    • Noah garcia

      I am able to swipe down but when I do it’s not the spotlight search

      • PKD

        Don’t start swiping down from the very top edge. Instead, basically act like you are dragging down the top row of icons.

      • Matt

        Thanks that helped so much. The swipe from the very top brings notifications. i am sure a lot of people are getting these two confused. They should have done it a different way in my opinion. Although once you know how you will never forget. Thanks a ton.

      • jordangarbz

        thnx! i was wondering what i was doing wrong!

  3. jack

    Apple definitely DOES tell you about the new gesture :)

  4. PW

    Interesting…because apple says “swipe down from any screen” but when I tried it, it just gave me the notifications screen. THANK you for this article because apple certainly wasn’t specific enough for some…

    • Noah garcia

      Same here

  5. boecherer

    I think further clarification is needed. It should say “swipe down with your finger starting ON the screen anywhere but the home row icons”.

    You can start swiping from the top row icons and anywhere down to the last row of icons above the home row icons and all starting positions will work. The key is not to start off the screen and not to start on the home row icons.

    • PKD

      I agree. Not even this article explained it very well.

  6. Sheana

    So wait, you can only access search from the home screen? When I’m in most other programs (e.g., safari), that just scrolls the page

  7. dm

    Saying they’ve never used that gesture before isn’t totally fair. They’ve not used it on the home screens, but it’s a common search gesture in their list views, they use it in contacts and notes for example. Drag down on the list to reveal the search bar. They’ve just taken it from the app space and introduced it to the home page space.

  8. pearlie

    “it’s unlikely that you’ll accidentally open it while you were actually just trying to open an app or complete another swipe gesture.”

    Not true for me. I have accidentally opened it so many times it is now really bugging me. And even more now that I find out I can’t disable it.

  9. Zaahira

    the alert after the upgrade doesnt specify that you swipe the MIDDLE of the screen. so I kept getting the notification centre!!! that was awfully annoying! thanks for saving me from further misery!

  10. Steve

    ‘but it doesn’t get in the way all that much anyway, as it’s unlikely that you’ll accidentally open it’ haha
    Mabye its just me then, but since i updated to iOS7 , i have not stopped accidentally brung up the Spotlight search bar (usally just by flicking through my home screen icons.
    It’s so annoying that i cant disable it (please make this a feature in next update, Apple) Do most people use Spotlight that much then? i never have done :S

  11. Frank

    I find spotlight search very annoying and I want it disabled. Is it true the only way to do this is to “jailbreak ” my phone? What’s jailbreak and how is it done?

  12. Micah

    I know how to access the new spotlight location and choose the areas of phone to search but it’s not offering the search web or Wikipedia option since iOS7 update. I really enjoyed that feature. What gives?

  13. Stephen

    Please add the web search feature back it’s the only thing I liked about the iphone if not I’m going droid. Why do these tech company’s think they can just take features away especially something so easy for them to keep.

  14. Simon Webster

    If you do a search and click on 1st item and it is not what you want how do you quickly get back to the second?

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