5 Ways the iPhone 5s Beats the Nexus 5

As we approach the holiday, some folks are still debating on what new phone to buy for their loved ones. In one corner you have the ultimate iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5s, and in the other corner you have the Nexus 5, which is the ultimate Android smartphone. It’s a tough decision, especially if you don’t mind either iOS or Android, but each phone has its’ unique features that set it apart, and they’re worth looking over.

We already covered some of the ways that the Nexus 5 is better than the iPhone 5s, but now it’s time to turn the tables and point out some of the benefits that the iPhone 5s has over its Android counterpart. Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer as to which phone is the best, but there are pros and cons that make one device better than the other to different people. Let’s take a look at what the iPhone 5s offers that the Nexus 5 doesn’t.


Smaller Size

This might not seem like a pro at first, considering that the general consensus is that a larger display is always better, but that’s not always the case. The iPhone 5s’s smaller 4-inch display happens to be the perfect size for a lot of phone-wielding folks out there. The smaller screen allows for a more portable device and allows your thumb to cover much more surface area when you’re tapping about navigating around your favorite app.

This is an important factor to consider, especially when a lot of people use their phone one-handed, rather than hold it in one hand and use the other hand for swiping and tapping. And while Android and Windows Phone devices keep getting comically larger and larger by the year, the iPhone has always remained modestly-sized for those who want the right amount of screen real estate.


Faster Performance

Yes, the Nexus 5 might have a faster processor and more RAM, which you’d think would translate to faster performance on paper, but plenty of benchmarks have shown that the iPhone 5s outshines the Nexus 5 when put to the test. The iPhone 5s’ A7 processor beats the Nexus 5’s Snapdragon 800 processor in almost every category, thanks to the close relationship that Apple hardware has with the lightweight nature of iOS.


Of course, while the iPhone 5s beats the Nexus 5 in benchmarks, the real-world performance is negligible if you’re looking for a difference between the two. Both perform admirably and it’s not like the Nexus 5 feels extremely sluggish compared to the iPhone 5s. However, if you rely on benchmarks for your decision making, the iPhone 5s wins it.

Better Camera

The camera on the iPhone 5s is one of the best we’ve seen on a smartphone, and the extra features that you get make the experience even better, including Burst Mode and the Slo-Mo video feature that allows you to shoot at 120 frames per second. The Nexus 5’s camera is less impressive, and while Google updated the software associated with the camera in recent KitKat 4.4 updates, it still doesn’t really come close to what the iPhone 5s offers as far as quality is concerned.

Fingerprint Sensor

You knew this one was coming, but the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is no gimmick. It’s an extremely convenient way to unlock your device without having to enter in your passcode every time. Granted, the Nexus 5 has the ability for a pattern unlock with Android, which takes less time than typing in a passcode, but it doesn’t get any quicker than just resting your finger on the Home button for a second or two.


iphone-5s-review 12

Plus, just simply having a Home button is something that a lot of users love having. Samsung’s Galaxy lineup has it, and it makes waking up your device quick and easy. Of course, it’s not the end of the world that the Nexus 5 doesn’t have such a button, and some users would argue that having to press the power button to wake up the device isn’t that bad, but once you start using a Home button, it’s hard to go without one.

Premium Design

The argument over plastic or metal phones has been a heated one, but the general consensus is that smartphones made out of metal feel more solid and look better overall than devices with plastic shells. The iPhone 5s may not hold up well when dropped from chest height, but it looks pretty on the way down, and most of the time, looks play a huge factor in what phone someone buys.


  1. Carlos Hermoso says

    Well first the design in the nexus 5 is simple but it doesn’t men as that is ugly it depends of the user. The camera in the iPhone is better but the nexus 5 is cheaper so if you buy something that cheap don’t complain they have to sacrife something ! The size in my case is better a 5 inches display than 4.7 inches. At then end the difference in design and size is depends of the user. There is other thing where the nexus beats the iPhone ahahhaahaha nothing is perfect.

    • Lapist45 says

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  2. michael dyer says

    This is probably the weakest article I have read. Everything you wrote screams fanboy. A fingerprint sensor and a smaller screen. GTFOH with that weak sauce.

  3. Chuck Glidden says

    Benchmarks… My Nexus 5 scored a Geekbench of 3851. Size… They are about the same size. It’s nice to have a much better screen in the Nexus 5. Camera… I am happy with the photos from the Nexus(with Kitkat 4.4.2) but the iPhone may be better.

    The Nexus is a 4 core processor so benchmarks are tough, if they are single threaded tasks the iPhone will cream it. Let’s just say they are both insanely fast, hell my work PC probably scores a 5000 on Geekbench

  4. euroapple says

    Very biased and not very well written article. It is very clear on several validated tests that Nexus phones are better. Are you working for Apple?

    • WilliamP says

      You see, better feels with metal or glass????? May break if droped from chest high – the i phone 5s. And that is “Advantage?” My foot. Biased article.

  5. Colton Walker says

    Just a small point: the iPhone 5S is NOT faster.

    Check the boot up time on the Nexus 5 and app startup times as well as web browsing benchmarks. The N5 generally wins.

    • Tim says

      It’s hilarious that he mentions the negligibly faster A7 but doesn’t mention battery life.

  6. sean says

    You forgot to mention it bests the N5 in price!! Almost THREE times the price. I own a number of phones including apple. And the N5 is my everyday handset. So tell me how much is apple paying you for this tripe of a review??!

  7. rmgt008 says

    Despite the disclaimer that this website has already posted a story about five ways the Nexus 5 creams the iPhone 5s, the author is accused of being a fanboy. Lol

    My goodness. I get it–we develop an emotional connection with a company that thrives by selling our data to the highest bidder and builds floating showroom barges and robots–but this article is fairly objective.

    • smartestguyever says

      He gives stupid reason that’s why he’s getting creamed in the comments section. Being smaller is a positive when even Apple is moving to bigger screens? It sounds like he had a hard time coming up with advantages for the iphone after the camera which probably is better. Other than that the nexus has it beat. Don’t even get me started on ios7. Not only does it look like it was designed by a Japanese princess but it’s buggy as he11.

  8. Andy Mills says

    The small screen is obviously an advantage until Apple do a larger screen, then the advantage will shift to exactly match the chosen size, ditto absolutely anything else, if Apple do it is amazing and genuinely innovative, (even when its not) and anything Apple do badly (i.e maps) is and unnecessary extra

    A truly pathetic fanboi article.

  9. Smartass says

    Lol. The same guy wrote an article, “5 Ways the iPhone beats the Nexus 5.” But by all means get your panties in a was isheep.

  10. matt says

    Nexus 5 wins but that being said he did disclose that this is an iPhone 5s winning article. I liked the article because it shows just how far people must go now to make it look like the apple phone stands up at all much less wins.

  11. Ed Irizarry says

    Ahhhh I fell for it! Clickbait you win again!! Seriously though, I don’t get why so many people care about one persons perspective. Can’t we all just look and compare for ourselves?

  12. Ben Anonymous says

    Have you people not realised that that this whole website is probably made by apple to throw android uses off the sent that apple have messed up yet another flagship device.

  13. erez says

    Its as of I would compare a Subaru and a lamburgini, and say that the Subaru is better because it drive slower and thus lower the chance for you to crash it. Pure BS

  14. Owen Poluta says

    all of you are indignantly arguing over how nexus is better than iphone or iphone is better than nexus.Afterall, this article was created by a man or woman with an opinion, like all of us.All of you bicker overhardware or software which in the end, dont make a difference in our lives, and even if they do, not a large difference.Some will prefer a bigger screen and some not.Suck it up and buy the phone that suites you, it doesn’t have to be proven great by a tech report.Just by you.

  15. K. Sean says

    Nothing like comparing a $700 phone to a $350 phone. Despite being double the cost you can only find 5 questionable reasons.

  16. Vin says

    For the record, I use an apple phone…. But the fact that a 350 dollar google phone is performing head to head with a 700 dollar apple phone is certainly a win for Google. As my contract is coming due… and Kit lat looks so smooth, I will be looking at a Nexus 5 as a strong contender.

  17. smartestguyever says

    Those are really dumb reasons to pick an iPhone over a nexus 5. Let’s see if you feel the same way when the iPhone 6 is announced with a 5 inch screen. As far as premium design that’s company letely subjective. If anything the iPhone 5s is a step back from the iphone4 and not in the same league as the nexus. The 5s is too narrow and looks too delicate and prissy. That’s probably why the author likes it so much. It’s taylored towards the San Francisco Starbucks hipster crowd with small soft hands.

  18. Chuck Glidden says

    iPhones are glass and aluminum. Really? Because everyone I have ever seen is plastic. Every iPhone I have ever seen outside a showroom is covered in a plastic case. If plastic is so horrible and cheap then why do Apple users cover their beautiful phones. (That said I do think the iPhone looks fine without a case, just an observation)

  19. Jonathan oQo says

    Very true put a nexus 5 next to an iPhone 5s both covered in a spigen ultra thin cover & the nexus looks much better, then the os in the phone; iPhone looks outdated, while android 4.4.2 looks too modern…. Even if their calculator, opaque themes & style changed to a point it mimics kit kat shamelessly. It just can’t do it, but it does handle single tasks really good while claiming multitasking.

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