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  1. Izhan Ahmed

    All the major carriers in US have already received this update.Those which already received their updates after Unlocked international versions.But Samsung is now losing their customers in South Asia which still have not received 4.3 update yet.I’m also a s3 owner still no update for my unlocked international gt-i9300 in Pakistan.Plz tell when this update will be available.

  2. Benjamin

    This update is bullshit! I can’t keep a charge on my battery! Went from 60% to 15% in 20 minutes barely even using it. Verizon, you took all this time to test this update and all you did was make my phone a paper weight! I’m switching carriers immediately.

  3. Doug

    I got my update around 3:30 pm eastern time and have no negative issues, phone sends another and more responsive. I believe the updates that my apps have been receiving were for newer versions of android operating systems and dragged down the older versions.

    • Doug

      sends another= seems smoother

  4. Elizabeth

    The texting keys suck now and the phone is really slow I hate the lock screen if you have the lock pattern it’s so small. Very disappointing!!

  5. Jacob

    The update is much different than some other carriers. I’ve had to such battery problems. And the Samsung keyboard has always sucked, get the Google keyboard.

  6. Mark Hart

    Verizon took out KNOX !!!

  7. Eric Reynolds

    The settings is different then all the others and Knox is gone. And some other features. But I haven’t noticed any charging issues or any others for that matter. Seems more responsive and charges faster in my opinion. Love the update!

  8. djkoz78

    It’s official the Verizon Note 2 is the last to get it. If at all. For the people who say “I’d rather it the longer and work properly than have it sooner and cause bugs”. Here’s my response to that that pushed it out to the S4 first then the Htc One now the S3 and has yet to for the Note 2. If they’re so concerned about bugs why push it out to the most recent flagship devices first? Because that horse shit it has absolutely nothing to do with keeping it bug free. It has to do with getting people to buy the more expensive phone. If you update the newest phone first they can say this has a new update abs this older device doesn’t. So spend more money on this phone instead of this one. It should have been updated in order of device release date if they actually care about existing phones and not the bottom line of profits. The S3 first then the Note 2 then S4 then Htc One. I hate Verizon with a passion.

  9. UnknownDiego

    Omg my phone is super slow now!!!!!!! and the interface look kind of old. I don’t like it at all!!! too many options, too much bullshit! is it possible to downgrade?

  10. Jeff

    Voice to text is back! (But it looks like Google maps wants an update…) I think I’m going to prevent that from happening, as per previous issue.

  11. Hector

    Whenever I try to access my clipboard, the phone freezes and reboots. Also I have had issues trying to hang up a call, it also freezes and reboots occasionally.

  12. Len James

    Omg my life is now complete…..I’ve been waiting for this moment for months! Finally I can now live in happiness for the rest of my days!!!….

  13. Angelica Thamson

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