Nexus 5 Problem Driving Users Crazy

A Nexus 5 problem related to the device’s troubled camera and one that appears to be related to software rather than hardware is driving owners crazy. Fortunately, Google says that it is working on a fix for the issue in an upcoming update though the company is careful not to reveal which update it might be.

Since the arrival of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat, Gotta Be Mobile has been detailing some of the bugs that have emerged on board the software for Google’s Nexus users. Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 owners have been dealing with a number of issues since the arrival of Android 4.4 and Android 4.4.2 KitKat and we have been shedding light on them in an effort to shed some light and perhaps, expedite fixes.

The Nexus 5 camera is improved with the Android 4.4.2 update.
The Nexus 5 camera is improved with the Android 4.4.2 update.

One of the issues that we’ve heard about continuously since the Nexus 5’s release is a problem with video shot using the device’s camera. It’s a problem that is driving some Nexus 5 owners crazy, pushing some to trade-in their device, and perhaps causing some users to shy away from Google’s new Nexus smartphone.

It’s no secret that the Nexus 5 camera is flawed. Google itself acknowledged this when it released the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update aimed at fixing some of those problems. And while the camera is better after Android 4.4.2, it appears that there is still at least one major issue, an issue that is driving Nexus 5 owners mad.

Nexus 5 owners have been complaining about an eerie hissing sound that occurs when shooting video with the Nexus 5. The issue has been around since November, as it is documented in this thread and in this video below that was uploaded late last year.


It appears that the hissing sound occurs when Nexus 5 users utilize the stock Android camera app that is found in Android 4.4 KitKat, the device’s current operating system. Whatever the case, the issue is annoying and it’s driving Nexus 5 owners insane.

While Nexus 5 users have come up with their own theories, Google says that it believes that the issue is a software issue and not a hardware-related one. A Google employee on the Nexus product forums claims that Google is still working on resolving the problem and that replacing the Nexus 5 is not recommended:

I want to assure you that Google is still working on this issue. At this point it’s looking like software, and not a hardware issue. If you’re experiencing this I do not recommend exchanging your Nexus 5 for a replacement. We’re investigating improving this behavior in a future update to the Nexus 5’s operating system.

So, those experiencing the issue will simply have to wait and see if Google’s upcoming software update fixes the problem. Problem is, Google has not said what’s next for Nexus users.

While there have been calls for an Android 4.4.3 KitKat update to solve some of the largest issues inside Android 4.4.2, there is no guarantee that Google will release such an update.

Historically, Google has released only a couple of incremental updates before releasing a major software update so it could be that Nexus 5 owners will be waiting for a fix until the mid-year. Perhaps, by shedding light on this issue and others, Google will release an update sooner, rather than later. Only time will tell.


  1. What a terribly written article. “Driving owners crazy”, “Driving some Nexus 5 owners crazy”, “Driving Nexus 5 owners mad”, “Driving Nexus 5 owners onsane”.

  2. I’d be happy to find out about these problems but my brand new nexus 5’s camera doesn’t work, I just get the green screen. Searching Google forum shows it’s a widespread problem and one not being reported by bloggers.

  3. Had one since three days after release and haven’t had a single issue. Love the nexus 5, I shoot a moving toddler daily and the camera and video haven’t let me down since the 4.4.2 update.

  4. Worst article about the nexus 5 ever. There is absolutely no problem with the camera or anything else with the nexus 5 after 4.4.2. This is just some lame iPhanatic talking chit about one of the best phones in the market.

  5. Sounds like a character assassination… Really, hissing during video…etc, wtf..? Not a major functional issue, as It doesn’t seem to be a red flag in any tech media cover story…what’s so “crazy” is your rhetoric of crazy hype…..boring..!

  6. This gotta be the worst writing I’ve come across. Every gotta be mobile post is absolutely horrid. Take this spam outta my face.

  7. Gotta Be Mobile has been “…shedding some light… in an effort to shed some light”? You don’t say! Bro, do you even edit?

  8. Love my Nexus 5.. Not sure what you are talking about..Best phone i have ever owned by far!! And im a cell phone junkie

  9. Wow – highly recommend the return to highschool English and essay production. Five paragraphs in and I still don’t know the meat behind the article? Good job. Pretty sure this ‘issue’ only affects a small amount of phones. Several devices around here are all fine. Report on real news, stop saying whatever you can to get people to your site.

  10. Every article I’ve read is horrible and completely untrue. Seems like Apple is paying for some horrible press…

  11. Dude, I read roughly 4-5 paragraphs and you were still stuck in your introduction? You repeated the same thing for 4-5 paragprahs and I gave up until the 6th or 7th paragraph finally stated what was the nexus 5 issue.

    Finish high school English before you try to pass yourself as a writer.

  12. My Nexus 5 camera works fine.. just crashes sometimes on SnapChat. It has never happened when I was using Franco kernel.

  13. Just some catchy lines to get some readers in whom the author hopes will click on an adv n move on

    N here I m wasting my time commenting on this junk post

  14. As a nexus 5 owner, I must say I’ve never even noticed this problem they’re describing… Also, for snapshots, the camera is quite fine. I wouldn’t say the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera even though it’s 13MP is anything to write home about.

  15. “There have been calls for an android 4.4.3 release to solve some of the largest issues in Android 4.4.2″
    What issues?

  16. Obviously this clown is being paid by whoever. I got myself and wife the best phone we ever owned. Fast, reliable, Cristal clear calls on T-Mobile, camera is perfect, rock solid construction, sleek… Did I say better than any iPhone we ever owned?

  17. I have the hisssing sound problem, so do alot of other nexus 5 owners. Although the writing in this article is admittedly awful, it doesn’t change the fact that there is a serious defect in this phone, and Google have been dragging their feet in addressing it.

  18. The author of this story certainly earned his free new iPad gift from apple marketing. But I own a nexus 5 so I’m crazy now apparently.

  19. Wow, this is a crap article. I own a Nexus 5 and have not had this problem, but that’s not why this article is crap. The author states, “Android 4.4.2 brought camera updates but there is still a major problem with the camera that causes a hissing sound.” Then he puts a video uploaded on NOV 11, 2013. Why say that the hissing sound still persists in 4.4.2, when Android 4.4.2 was first released to the Nexus 5 on DEC 9, 2013 and then post a video of this problem that was uploaded one month before the 4.4.2 update and say it persists in 4.4.2 because that video says so. Please apple author, if your going to write crap articles about Android, at least get your facts straight, please.

  20. Pointless article and unnessesarily inflammatory. If people are bothered by something as silly as a low volume background hiss, they should stop using their phone for video and BUY A CAMERA. The Nexus 5 is a great device, but it’s not optimized for use as a video camera. That has never been a secret; one multi purpose device can’t be perfect at everything.

  21. If you are having camera issues all you have to do is in stall the desk top softwear and download KitKat 4.4 reinstall your sofwear and your phone will work fine this guy should have mentioned that in his post

  22. Terrible article. The author is stuck on a continuous loop of “issues driving users crazy” although never highlighting the issue at hand, seems he doesn’t know what it is. All we know is something is “Driving users crazy”.

  23. For your next article I would suggest having a point, it makes it more interesting for the reader. Shame on you fanboy.

  24. Writing this from my N5 which is working great and no I’m not going insane lol. This article is probably sponsored by the competitors and the guy who wrote this is either a sell-out or an illiterate dumb piece of work. I’d never read such a poor, biased, content-less article before, and I’ve read some bad stuff. Bottom line, N5 is the best phone in the market right now (better than S4, and by far the best when it comes to price/quality) if you dont trust google then who do you trust? Apple and their overpriced pretty gadgets for dummies?

  25. There is a much bigger issue affecting a huge population of users where the phone will not receive calls while connected to an LTE network. The issue is not carrier specific, and has not been fixed via RMA. it is incredibly frustrating, and Google won’t fully acknowledge it’s a problem.

  26. People there is clearly an issue with the video recording hissing noise. Just film something in a quite room and you’ll hear it. Accept the face that even if your device works ok, there are a lot out there affected by this issue. Many people replaced their Nexus 5 phones many times and they still got this nasty issue.

  27. There is too many words in this report. The guy spent 3 paragraphs repeating that it was driving nexus 5 owners mad. And 3 saying that was an issue with the camera. After that spent 3 saying that Google will repair in the next update. Could be well written. But was kind of an informative video.

  28. I think the author of this article has gone crazy…….. I love my nexus 5 and it’s working amazingly well.

  29. Oh my God…

    I have never come across such incoherent babbling in my life before–and I’m on the Internet for hours a day! This is one of the worst “articles” I have EVER read before; its writing lacks any point whatsoever, the author repeats himself about seven times with slight rewordings hoping for search engines to pick up his nonsense, it’s vague beyond reasoning, and the author “wrote” about an issue in February that was addressed and fixed by Google in December of last year. Oh, and the video he tried to use for proof was uploaded to YouTube in November, obviously before Google’s fix in December.

    As another commenter stated, “I’ve never heard of Gotta Be Mobile, and now I know why”.

    I pray no one reads this site and believes this horsesh*t. :-/

  30. I used to have iPhone 4, and. 5. Just recently I’ve upgraded to a nexus 5. just to finally get the feeling of using a vanilla android. I must admit that at first I was worry about the switching. But really, that phone is now then great. I had no prob with the camera. Nor the sound. This article is not professional and raves toward the nexus 5. Use and enjoy your new nexus without a worry.

  31. hi all …. my nexus 5 ,, had some problem while taking pics and after some time message will displays camera app not working please close or wait… Any one had this issue.. and also some times it will shutdown and restart .. I took mobile last week. I’m getting these issues… Any suggestions guys.

    • Hello guys I’m big fan of nexus 5… That’s d reason I’m posting my issues no one should blame bec of same issues… at least these issues should fix… or should I go for service center…..

  32. What a joke!! Everyday their is a new problem driving users crazy and yet my nexus 5 and four of my friends nexus 5s never have any of this problems. What is going on with this site?

  33. I’ve had problems with the memory running low very fast. I even called them & they told me they would send me an email but never did. I never had a problem with the camera though. I wish the home screen was in the middle & the screen is less sensitive than the Nexus 4. But its an amazing phone 9/10. I needed an 32 GB phone.

  34. Mr. Mills. It’s clear to me you have little experience at writing “bash” articles. I tried grabbing information to learn from as I read and found myself learning how much of a dumbass you are and it was very annoying.

  35. How many pointless comments here. The article report the truth with proof and evidences (youtube video and google groups). N5 AUDIO RECORDING IS recording video.. Before to say something very stupid have you watched the video?(you can find many other on youtube)have you read the discussion on google group? Have you got a N5 in your hands?
    Don’t say: ” my N5 works great; camera is awesome; PROVE IT!!!
    We have noticed this issue with all software and hardware version, so please shut up and post a video reply!
    To start understand what I’m saying just record a video in a quite environment and then come here to post another comment.
    And remember that I’m saying that audio recording sucks BUT N5 is great smartphone!

  36. And if you read in the XDA forum, even the latest red Nexus 5 is plagued with the hissing microphone issue..This problem is endemic to all units produced so far. Either some people didn’t notice them or we are very unlucky that our units are lemons…still it’s very unprofessional how google is handling this problem. No official reaction in 4 month, no acknowledgement (except this Paul dude). We can only hope that this will get fixed in the next android update.

  37. I’m surprised they did not compare the issue to the Apple 6s, since this site likes to review information that they make up about hardware that does not even exist yet.

    • John the troll is you!!!or you don’t hold a N5 or you’ve never recorded a video with this phone.

  38. I actually have the hissing audio issue when taking videos with my Nexus 5. Android 4.4.2 didn’t fix it, and I agree that it’s probably software related (something with the noise cancellation algorithm).

    The only other issue I’ve seen is lower LTE reception on Android 4.4.2 (the radio was updated in 4.4.2) than Android 4.4 had (I flashed the old radio back and all was well). I do admit that the article was very meandering in its nature and the author should proofread his work.

  39. Just got mine today.WiFi worked fine everywhere till I got home. Now it says authentication problem When I try to Connect

  40. I have buy nexus 5 on april 2014 after read full review of your site but my phone battery darin very rapidy and overheating front or back after 20 to 30 min use of phone like playing games, clicking camera, using whats up, net surfing. unable to hold after 20 to 30 min,i feel my palm is burnt. please help me

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