5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Tips

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  1. ukandroid

    16Gb is pathetic for a power user especially now that sdcard are limited in flexibility with the advent of KitKat ‘upgrades’. Personally I’m going to wait and see what the Oppo 7a and OnePlus ‘One” have to offer in the coming weeks and months. The previous 32GB Samsung models never appeared here in Europe and even the HTC M8 32GB variant is very difficult to find. It seems that only Apple realise that some people want 64 GB and makes such iPhone readily available. With iPad now offering a 128Gb option, I suspect this might be an iPhone6 option. I will wait!


  2. VladanT

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  3. somon

    Galaxy S5 still sounds like Samsung threw everything at it. That seems to be the only way they know how to differentiate themselves from others manufacturer.


  4. Ritter Standley

    S5 is really cool, I think compared to iPhone 5s, S5 has quiet an advantage. :D
    Although if you have phones like this, your date might actually become a success and it really adds points to the user. Totally COOL.


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