iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: What We Know Right Now

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  1. Ben

    Well iphone 6 is the phone that everyone is waiting for. I have iphone 5S from last 6 months, which I find much better than any Android phone whether it is a Galaxy Note3 or Galaxy S4 or HTC M8. It is already confirmed that iphone 6 will launch with big sapphire screen display and inbuilt wireless charging pad compatible that will definitely give tough competition to all flagship phone of major brands. Just wait for next 5 months everything will be cleared.


  2. Paul

    And i have the original galaxy note 1 running jellybean 4.1.2 and i have used ios and couldnt really use it. That no back button is a nightmare. One Huge advantage Android has not just galaxy phones is otg ready. I cant see how anyone in this world wouldnt find this the most realistic simple way of doing something on a phone. You can take hours of home made movies on your phone and pictures copy or transfer straight to a usb flash drive and watch within secs of filming on your 50inch Full HD screen. The iphone and apple in general dosent support this. Beaming to a tv is good for a little while until your phone stars beeping and ringing! useless. I can download movies from the playstore and send to the flashdrive. I couldnt go back to a device that dosent have this it would be madness!


  3. Paul

    And by the way you have 2gb of ram for the galaxy note3, it has 3gb ram and my Australian galaxy note3 has 128 gb storage so iphone specs still look outdated!


  4. Enamul

    I have purchased a Samsung Note-3 on 21.03.2014.I like to inform you with great regret that I, recognized my first mobile default (touch screen not work properly) after two month of my purchase date. I send it for servicing on 04.06.2014. After that, they reply me on 06.06.2014 to handover the set. But unfortunately I have faced another kind of problem (hang frequently and touch screen not work properly). As a result I have to return the set again (for solving those problems) on 18.06.2014. It is great remorse for me


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