5 Reasons You Don’t Need an iPhone Case

iPhone cases prevent a lot of damage during unfortunate accidents, both to the device and your wallet, but are they really needed?

The main reason why users put cases on their iPhones is because accidents happen. Obviously, people don’t actually try to purposely drop their phones, but if someone bumps into you, knocking your iPhone out of your hand, you’re kind of screwed, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgot that my iPhone was sitting on my lap and I went to stand up, only to see that my iPhone was tumbling to the ground.

This is a great reason to get a case for your iPhone, but even after I’ve dropped my iPhone several times and all four corners are dinged up, I still refuse to put a case on my device, mostly because the cons far outweigh the pros of iPhone cases.

Here are five reasons why I don’t have an iPhone case, and you might be able to relate to these as well.

Cases Add Bulk and Weight

The iPhone 5s is one of the thinnest phones on the market, and because of that, it’s a dream to hold in your hand.


OtterBox iPhone 5s case

However, tack on a case and you now have a hunk of plastic that makes your iPhone a lot bigger in size and makes it weigh more, depending on the case. It’s a lot harder to slide in and out of your pocket, especially if you have one of those silicon rubber cases that pretty much makes that impossible to begin with.

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With a case, I no longer feel like I own a quality smartphone, but rather a hunk of plastic that’s uncomfortable to hold.

Cases Aren’t Accessory-Friendly

Because of the iPhone’s popularity, there are a ton of accessories you can get for it. Some accessories that I use the most are the Olloclip lens kit and the Glif, both of which are accessories that don’t work at all when your iPhone has a case.


Furthermore, I discovered that some Lightning cables and audio cables wouldn’t fit in their respective ports because the case’s port holes sometimes aren’t big enough. I ran into this problem with an AmazonBasics Lightning cable, and a few of my audio cables were too big to fit in my iPhone5s’s headphone jack because the case was in the way.


This was one of the big reasons why I decided to go caseless with my iPhone, simply because I needed accessories to work without a case getting in the way. I found myself constantly taking the case off of my iPhone in order to get an accessory to work, but I finally just  left off the case and I haven’t looked back.

Cases Hide the Beauty of iPhone Design

The iPhone 5s is one of the best-looking smartphones on the market. It’s one of the few devices that uses an aluminum and glass combo all the way around, which gives it a premium look and feel. Why would anyone want to hide this?

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As aforementioned, the iPhone 5s’s thin and small design makes it really comfortable to hold in the hand, and the feeling of aluminum on skin is a sensation that isn’t far from magical, so why in the world would I want to replace that feeling with a huge piece of cheap plastic?


Sure, leather cases are a good alternative, because there’s really nothing quite like the texture of leather (and don’t get me started on the smell). However, no case will ever trump the design and look of a naked iPhone.

Cases Don’t Offer 100% Protection

Obviously, iPhone cases are meant to protect the device that it’s enclosing, but it won’t prevent damage from every accidental drop. Depending on how you drop your iPhone and the way it lands on a certain type of surface, a case might not do much in the way of protection. For instance, a case can absorb some of the shock from the impact, but if the iPhone lands just right, it can still crack the screen or scuff up a small area of the device that isn’t protected. All it takes is some luck (or lack thereof).


Of course, having an iPhone case is better than not having one at all when it comes to accidental drops, but users tend to get a bit cocky and are more lenient when it comes to caring for their iPhone, which opens the door for a higher percentage of accidents, and just one lucky accident is all it takes for an iPhone to break somehow, with or without a case.

Cases Can Be Expensive

You can get some really cheap iPhone cases, with many of them simply made out of cheap plastic that really don’t do a thing when it comes to actually protecting your iPhone against damage. If you really want a quality iPhone case that actually does its job well, you’ll be looking to pay at least $50.

OtterBox is considered one of the best iPhone case makers around, and even some of their most basic cases start at around $30, but if you’re wanting ultimate protection, you’ll be paying at least $50, with some cases going as high as $100 with extra bells and whistles.


With the money that you spend on a case, you could just buy AppleCare+, which costs $99.

From Apple’s website:

“Every iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $79 service fee plus applicable tax.”

This would allow you to enjoy your iPhone without the bulkiness of a case, and at the same time protect you financially from accidental drops.


  1. John says

    Perhaps the most outlandish, foolish, idiotic article I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I sincerely hope that this article sways somebody into not purchasing a case for their phone.

    Even inexpensive cases offer moderate protection. This article is basically purporting to have intercourse without the use of a condom because it fees better.

  2. John says

    Edit: I sincerely hope that this article does not sway anybody into not purchasing a case for their phone*

  3. Doug Dodge says

    I’m with Frank– my case (with little rubber nubs along the sides) prevents my iphone from slipping out of my sometimes clumsy hands. I don’t care that it’s easier to get it out of your pocket without the case. Standing up is no problem and sitting down is when I drive and I don’t use my phone while driving! As for hiding the “beauty”? I didn’t get a iphone because it’s pretty, I got it because it is the best phone out there! Dumb article!

  4. Nicki Hu says

    I agree with the author. Also, I would add the heat issue… At times when doing long video calls, recharging the battery, or other similar tasks, the phone isn’t able to dissipate the heat (as is generally a consideration of the phones design).

  5. chrishorner says

    troll article. this is like telling people that they shouldn’t wear a seat-belt because they are mildly uncomfortable and can’t guarantee they’ll protect you in 100% of crashes. if you want to offer bad advice you should also offer to pay for the repair and replacement of people’s phones who take your advice when they likely smash the screen or get them wet.

  6. Barry says

    Run that math by me again? It’s better to spend $99 + $79 per incident twice a year for 2 years, then to buy a $50 case? Here’s a math equation you may recognize from elementary school:

    $415 > $50

    Trust me on this. I even checked my work.

    • Tyler says

      You didn’t check it well enough ;)

      AppleCare+ does not cover two incidents per year, it covers up to two incidents throughout the two years.

      Most people (thankfully) don’t mind having a bulky case on their phone. Still, its worth it to some people to spend an extra 100-200 to be able to use their phone without a case for 2 years. After all, we are talking about a 650-950 dollar device.

      • Dane Jenkins says

        Exacly, all the more reason to buy a case. Nobody said you have to keep it on all the time. When I’m at the office, I remove the case. But if I’m traveling, I always have it on. That when i’m most likely to drop it. I’m not getting how $100+79 or +160 is more cost effective and wise.

  7. Kevin Gravitt says

    Almost everyone I know who carries their iPhone without a case has an iPhone with a cracked screen.

    • Drew says

      I personally take the risk (no case since the 3G). I have lucked out.

      Dropped the iphone 5 on concrete. Drunk friend smaked it from my hand while recording LOL. Resulted in a corner scratch, loud cursing, and a hilarious video.

      No 3G or 3GS drop, no iphone 4 or 4s drop, no 5S drop (robbed for it in Rio though because I was an idiot talking in English at 10pm on the beach and had on a thin gold necklace) and now I pray for no 6plus drop or robbery.

      But still no case to ruin the raw device. Hand Feel, screen clarity, or appearance.

      I too can’t think of anyone without phone damage without a case.

    • Kat says

      I have an iPhone 5s 32 gb gold that is just over a year old and I have never used a case on mine and aside from a couple nicks and a few slight scratches on the back it still looks and runs like its brand new! The only thing I put on my iPhone was a tempered glass screen protector that fit perfectly and allowed me full use of fingerprint id, front & rear camera, and every other feature that most cases cover up or make difficult to use. I have dropped my iPhone more times than I can count, I’ve dropped it down a flight of wooden stairs and dropped it face down on cement and there is not one scratch or crack or my screen due to the tempered glass!! I spent $15 for the tempered glass and not once have I had to to bring my phone in for repair, just something to think about!

  8. Tony S says

    That is the dumbest article against protecting your phone I’ve ever heard. It mostly seems to be based on vanity. Trust me, no one is impressed by your phone. They know what an iPhone looks like. What’s dangerous is you are trying to convince people they don’t need one. If your arguments had an validity I’d be right behind you. But they don’t. This is like telling someone … Don’t wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or bicycle because it hides your beautiful hair. That your brain will be OK if you end up with a massive hemorrhage.

    Dumb advice and an even dumber article.

  9. Dylan says

    Even if a case does not guarantee 100% protection, it still protects the phone 100% better than not having a case. I do and do not use cases, depends on the day or event. There are cases out there that offer decent protection, still show off the entire design, and cost next to nothing. I prefer Bumpers, mine costed me $2.85 with free shipping. the back is exposed but if it falls ( i have dropped it before) it still protects the corners from a possible screen shatter. It is also better to have the bulk and weight so that way the phone does not slip out of someones hand, and that way you also know it is protected. Otter box cases offer guaranteed protection, my co-worker left her phone on her car and drove off and accidentally ran over it and it had no damage to the phone but the case was demolished. The author to this article is a complete moron and really just wants to see everyone break their iPhones. i am assuming he/she is also an android user thus no actual and accurate iPhone knowledge. that or they are just the stereotypical blonde and just don’t understand common sense.

  10. That guy says

    This is the stupidest thing I have seen in a while. Gurenteed this guy was paid by Apple. Oh you can just by apple care for a 100 dollars so we can make more electronic waste. Like come on if you don’t put a case on your iPhone you seriously have mental problems.

  11. Frankie hi-nrg mc says

    The dumbness of this article sits in the picture of the olloclip macro lens, installed on an iPhone WITH THE OLLOCLIP COVER MOUNTED!
    Never trust somebody that tells you not to protect something you care.

  12. M_yrsky says

    So you shouldn’t use birth control measures since they also don’t offer 100 % protection?
    One can get a good silicon case for 10$. I’m certain mine has saved my iPhone on several occasions with minimal extra bulk.
    And the Apple care argument. Really?
    Quite pointless little article is what this article is.

  13. Owen Hill says

    Hi, I completely agree but I have ocd and would be so pissed if my corners were scratched so I got the bumper case, it is a case that goes around the edge of your iPhone 5/5s and rises a bit higher than the back or screen so if u drop it, the rised edges protect the phone completely

  14. David says

    Have to agree why spend all that money to own one of the best looking phones on the market only to encase it in a cheep under £10 case? My only issue was that the iPhone 5s was a bit slippy in my hand and I wanted more grip so after a bit of searching I found the Zagg Invisible Shield, front back and sides covered with a nice grippy texture and offers some protection with the bonus of not hiding the looks of the iPhone.

  15. Kevin Spacey says

    This is the most ridiculous argument ever. Allow me to explain why:

    Don’t wear condoms!
    -They feel worse
    -Look and smell weird
    -Aren’t accessory friendly
    -Don’t offer 100% protection
    -Costs money

  16. Mongroll says

    My iphone antennas are worthless without a case, unless I set the phone on a table and keep my hands off the sides.

  17. odedo1 says

    Why would they let this stupid person write this foolish article in the first place I have not idea!
    I’ll counter offer this artical:
    1: use a case if you want to keep your iPhone beautiful without scratches.
    2: Today cases don’t have to make the iPhone bulgy to give the same protection as yesterday bulgy ones and can keep the beauty of the phone like clear cases.
    3: a case can and will save you hundreds of dollars on repairs and a none scratched phone will sell for much more then a scratched one!!!
    I don’t need 5 reasons this 3 are enough!

  18. Araya says

    Stupid article. Let me show you what it’s like.
    Don’t wear coats, hats and gloves in winter. 1) They look bulky. 2) They are restrictive. 3) They hide your body. 4) It is still possible to get frostbite. 5) They cost money.
    My phone was dropped down stairs with an otter box and got big cracks. If it hadn’t been in a case it would be completely shattered from hard stairs.

  19. Al says

    I have an iPhone 5c which I have had a tempered glass screen protector and a tech21 impact case on it that has been on it since day one. I wouldn’t dare have a phone that is in the price range of 500 – 900 dollars without a case. Cost enough to get the phone in the first place. Can’t afford to replace it if it breaks. Cases are love. Especially when you can get a good protective case for less then 20 dollars.

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