4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 10.2 & 6 Reasons You Should


Install iOS 10.2 If You're Dealing With iOS Problems

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Install iOS 10.2 If You're Dealing With iOS Problems

If you're dealing with a bug or performance issue on iOS 9 or an older version of iOS 10, you might think about installing iOS 10.2 on your device. It could have a positive effect on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch's performance.

If you're coming from iOS 10.1.1, the iOS 10.2 update comes with a lengthy list of fixes for Mail, Accessibility, Messages, Photos, and more. 

In addition, the iOS 10.2 update could patch up other iOS 10.1 performance issues not listed on the change log. Issues like UI lag, reboots, various issues with Wi-Fi, or bad iOS 10.1 battery life. We've already noticed improvements to UI speed on the iPhone 5.

If you're dealing with a problem listed in the iOS 10.2 change log or if you're dealing with an unfixable iOS problem, the iOS 10.2 update is probably worth a try. 

If you skipped a previous version of iOS 10 you'll get fixes from those updates baked into iOS 10.2. So if you skipped iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1, the latter of which came with a long list of bug fixes, iOS 10.2 will bring its fixes to your device.

Here is the full list of bug fixes on board the iOS 10.2 update.


- Improves stabilization and delivers faster frame rate for Live Photos

- Improves accuracy of groupings of similar photos of the same person in the People album 

- Fixes an issue where Memories might generate a memory from photos of screenshots, whiteboards or receipts

- Fixes an issue where the camera would stay zoomed in after switching back from the Camera Roll on iPhone 7 Plus

- Additional support for RAW cameras


- Fixes an issue that sometimes prevented the keyboard from displaying in Messages


- Fixes an issue that caused the Move sheet to persist after filing a Mail message

- Addresses an issue with long press activating copy and paste in Mail

- Fixes an issue in which the wrong message would be selected after deleting a Mail conversation


- Adds BraillePen14 support to VoiceOver

- Fixes an issue where the braille table could switch unexpectedly with VoiceOver

- Fixes an issue where sometimes Siri enhanced voices were unavailable to VoiceOver

- Fixes an issue where VoiceOver users could not re-order items in lists

- Fixes an issue where Switch Control was sometimes unable to delete Voicemails

Other improvements and fixes

- Improves Bluetooth performance and connectivity with 3rd party accessories

- Fixes an issue that could cause FaceTime participants to appear out of focus

- Fixes an issue that could cause FaceTime calls to appear with incorrect aspect ratio and orientation

- Fixes an issue that prevented some Visual Voicemail from completing playback

- Fixes a Safari Reader issue that could cause articles to open as empty pages

- Fixes an issue that could cause Safari to quit unexpectedly after marking an item as read in Reading List

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