5 Reasons the PS4 Is Better Than the Xbox One

The Xbox One and PS4 have been out on the market for around nine and ten months, respectively, give or take a few weeks. In any case, it hasn’t even been a full year yet, and I’ve already given up on the Xbox One and traded it in for a PS4.

I got the Xbox One on launch day, ready to experience what next-generation gaming was all about. I bought Madden 25 and Forza 5 to start things off, with the hopes that I’d get more games down the road once Microsoft and other developers released more titles. However, those were the only two games that I still had when I traded the console away.

Forza 5, while really fun at the start, quickly became extremely boring and monotonous

I was excited to play Madden 25, but once I started up a quick match, the first words out of my mouth were, “these are the graphics?” along with a disappointed facial expression to accompany the quote.

I’m not saying I hate the Xbox One, but I’m simply just indifferent about it, and there’s nothing about the new console that makes me want to stay with it. Thus, it’s why I decided to give the PS4 a try.


With that said, I used Reddit’s /r/GameSwap subreddit to find someone to trade with. Fortunately enough, one of the mods had a PS4 that he wanted to get rid of in exchange for an Xbox One. So I shipped him my Xbox One and he shipped me his PS4 and it ended up being a smooth transaction. I received a pristine PS4 console and bought MLB 14: The Show and an extra DualShock 4 controller ahead of time so that I could get to playing right away.

It might have seemed like a bold move, especially to hardcore gamers who are loyal to a specific platform, but I had nothing holding me back and a list of reasons as to why I didn’t really need to keep my Xbox One, as well as a list of reasons why the PS4 was better than the Xbox One.

The PlayStation Controller Is Far Superior

Perhaps the most important component of any console is the controller, which the Xbox One variant has failed to really wow me much. I like that the overall design hasn’t changed from the Xbox 360, yet Microsoft improved the controller with better triggers that come with integrated force feedback. However, it mostly still feels pretty cheap, and compared to the PS4′s DualShock 4 controller, the Xbox One controller is a bit underwhelming.


For the longest time, I’ve preferred the Xbox controllers. They felt better in the hand for the most part and I just couldn’t stand the PlayStation controllers one bit. However, the subtle upgrades to the design of the PS4 controller makes it way more comfortable to hold. The joysticks are easier to operate and the four buttons on the right of the controller feel way better to press.

Plus, the integrated headphone jack is huge, and the rechargeable battery doesn’t require that I fumble around with AA batteries all the time.

No Annoying Power Brick

I was pretty ignorant about the PS3 because I was an Xbox 360 gamer during that generation, so I had no idea that the PS3 came without a power brick, but instead just a simple power cable.

So as you can imagine, my face lit up when I realized that the PS4 doesn’t come with an annoying power brick. This changed everything.


Unlike most people, my gaming consoles have never really stayed out on my home entertainment shelf for long periods of time. I constantly take them with me to my parents’ house whenever I visit, because my dad likes to play golf and racing games. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 are horrible for portability, but the PS4 is a Godsend. I ended up buying an extra PS4 power cable and HDMI cable and keep it at my parents’ house, that way all I need to bring with me is the console and controllers.

The Console Is A Lot Smaller

Speaking of portability, the PS4 is a heck of a lot smaller than the Xbox One, and it fits a lot better in my home entertainment setup, not to mention it’s a lot easier to carry around and travel with when I’m going to my parents’ house.

Of course, many gamers might find this argument to be mostly irrelevant, since your game console mostly stays put in your home entertainment cabinet and you really don’t take out very often. However, with more and more entertainment devices for the living room, more and more households are finding it extremely difficult to fit everything in their television cabinet.


However, the PS4 is small enough that you should be able to find a spot for it rather easily, as opposed to the Xbox One, which is quite massive.

PS4 Allows User-Replaceable Hard Drives

While both the PS4 and the Xbox One come equipped with 500GB internal hard drives, only the PS4 allows gamers to swap out the drive for a bigger disc and more storage, whereas it’ll void the warranty on your Xbox One.

However, the Xbox One finally allows gamers to add external storage, with at least a 256GB or larger drive and it has to be USB 3.0. Sadly, for the PS4, external storage isn’t supported, but it could come in later update.

In any case, 500GB sometimes just doesn’t cut it, so having that ability to swap out the PS4’s storage drive for something bigger is a huge plus for tinkerers.

Remote Play for PS Vita Is Pretty Awesome

While I personally don’t have a PS Vita and probably will never get one (simply because I don’t play games enough), the ability to essentially stream PS4 games to play on your PS Vita is rather impressive.

As long as your PS4 and your PS Vita are connected to the same network, you can play your PS4 games on your PS Vita portable handheld console, and since Sony has deemed it mandatory to require all PS4 games to come with Remote Play compatibility, you’ll be able to play any PS4 game on the Vita.