10 Ways Titanfall 2 May Be Better Than the Original

There are three major releases coming this fall for lovers of first-person shooters. The obvious and expected launch of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will come late in the season. Electronic Arts is planning to launch Battlefield 1. Electronic Arts has a second first-person shooter launching this fall too. It’s Titanfall 2.

Make no mistake, Titanfall 2 will be an amazing game if it just lives up to the standards of the original. Set on far away worlds in the future, the first Titanfall was an Xbox and Windows exclusive that let players become Pilots. In turn, Pilots were able to earn their way to controlling a huge Titan robot dropped from the sky. The Titans could be controlled from within, or remotely dispatched, turning them into more of a partner than a simple weapon loadout. Cloud technology allowed Titanfall to host multiplayer battles with twelve users, dozens of computer-controlled enemies for casual gamers and the Titans. The game’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, and Electronic Arts declared Titanfall a successful launch.


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Regardless of what public relations workers in the gaming industry say. Every game in the same genre competes with others launching around the same time. It doesn’t matter that Battlefield 1 goes back in time and Titanfall 2 features and aesthetics make it a futuristic shooter; buyers without a lot of money to spend will compare their options and chose whichever they think is the best.

If anything, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is even more of a direct competitor to Titanfall 2. It is set in the future. To beat out these games, Titanfall 2 will need to have tighter gameplay mechanics and appeal to more than just hardcore shooter fans. It’ll need a decent story and amazing graphics. It’ll also need to make it to more than Xbox and Windows PCs.

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Respawn knows this, and that’s why the Titanfall 2 features list is so extensive. Here are 10 ways Titanfall 2 may be better than the original game in the series.

The Titanfall 2 Campaign

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The Titanfall 2 Campaign

Video games are increasingly becoming more online based. Almost every game has some kind of online component, even if it’s just leaderboards. Other premiere first-person shooters feature both a story and a multiplayer mode for folks to play around in. Titanfall was notable in that it completely abandoned the idea of a single player campaign. Instead, Respawn focused on delivering the best online experience it possibly could. The only story in the game came during voice overs in between matches.

It’s very hard for some players to connect with a new universe when there’s no story. Titanfall 2 will feature a single-player campaign that focuses on the dynamic between a Pilot and the artificial intelligence built into a battle-tested Titan.

The pilot, Jack, is a low-level recruit that's not certified to handle a Titan at all. Circumstances force him and an accompanying Titan AI to work together and finish a mission someone else started. 

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