6 Great iPhone 6 Battery Cases

Those with a brand new iPhone 6 already have an array of choices when it comes to buying a case to protect that shiny new 4.7-inch iPhone, but if you’re looking for something other than a regular old case, the options are still hard to come by.

Popular manufacturers like Mophie, TYLT, Anker and many others that usually build cases that serve other purposes, like an iPhone 6 battery case, sadly haven’t delivered anything quite yet. And while many options are coming soon, below we’ll rundown 6 great iPhone 6 battery cases you can get today, or in the next week or so.

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The iPhone 6 is an excellent new smartphone with a bigger display, a bold new look and nicely curved aluminum edges, but many will still opt to put it in a case for extra protection. Especially if you paid for it out of contract. With the phone still being less than a month old there aren’t tons of options yet, but we have a few to share with buyers below, and more are coming extremely soon.


Like we mentioned above, sadly many popular manufacturers like Spigen, Mohpie and others haven’t released any cases yet, so we haven’t bought any great battery cases worth reviewing. That being said, smaller manufacturers have jumped at the opportunity to get their options out and in the market while others are still finalizing their offerings.

The new iPhone 6 is rounded and extremely thin, not to mention bigger than previous models, so many will want to get a case early on as they get used to the new feel of the phone. It’s rather slippery, and we’ve heart countless stories of users dropping their precious new devices already.

Below we’ve gathered six cases for the iPhone 6 that will not only protect your shiny new phone, but offer more battery life at the same time. And a few even come with a kickstand so you can watch movies hands-free for hours with the perfect angle and more battery life. We’ll update once more become available, and from more reputable brands.

i-Blason External Battery Case

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i-Blason External Battery Case

Only a few popular brands have a battery case for the iPhone 6 at the moment, and the first one you should look at is the i-Blason Unity Power Battery Case. This ultra-sleek and flexible case will add valuable protection, and 3,200 mAh of battery life to your new iPhone 6. It features a soft inner case, and a hard polycarbonate shell on the outer front and back for durability, yet remains somewhat thin given the massive increase in battery life.

3,200 mAh should give users a good 3 days of usage out of their smartphone. It won't ship until a little later this month and is priced quite high at $79.99, but is certainly for it for those in need.

i-Blason iPhone 6 Battery Case - Order for $79.99

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