7 Hidden Galaxy Note 2 Features

Samsung packs a number of Galaxy Note 2 features into their category leading phablet, many of which are hidden in menus or settings.

These Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hidden features allow users to do more with their smartphone without the need to buy apps or accessories.

Though we do have a great roundup of Galaxy Note 2 accessories that will help users be more productive and enjoy the Galaxy Note 2 better.

For more check out our guide to Mobile productivity on the Galaxy Note 2 and our full Galaxy Note 2 review.

Here are some of the lesser known Galaxy Note 2 features we discovered while using the Verizon Galaxy Note 2.

Turn Over to Cancel Calls & Pause Music

The motion sensor in the Galaxy Note 2 can sense when the phone is turned over and can mute an incoming call or turn music off. This feature is great for dismissing a call while in a meeting or grabbing lunch with a friend.

Turn the Galaxy Note 2 over to mute a call or pause music.

Turn the Galaxy Note 2 over to mute a call or pause music.

To turn this on, go to Settings -> Motion -> Turn over to mute/pause -> Check this box.

While you are here, lets turn on several other Galaxy Note 2 features that are tucked into the Galaxy Note 2 settings.

Dial by Picking Up the Phone

Galaxy Note 2 users who are constantly jumping between messages or contacts and the call screen should turn on Direct Dial. With Direct dial, the Galaxy Note 2 senses when the phone is close to your face and will call the contact or person who you are messaging with.

Make a phone call by picking up the Galaxy Note 2.

Make a phone call by picking up the Galaxy Note 2.

To turn this on, go to Settings -> Motion -> Direct call -> Check this box.

Use Two Apps at Once

The Galaxy Note 2 lets owners use two apps at the same time with Multi-Window View. If this mode is not turned on, pull down the notification window and slide the settings widget right to left and tap on the Multi-Window icon. The video below shows how to use Multi-Window view on the Galaxy Note 2.

Hold the back button and a Multi-Window View tab should show up, pull this out and tap and drag an app to the screen to use two apps at once.

Depending on the Galaxy Note 2 model you own and the apps you have installed, you may see different apps in the menu. Not all apps are supported.

Best Photo for Better Group Pictures

The Galaxy Note 2 includes a very nice camera feature that takes several photos of a group and allows the user to pick the best face for each person. This way, if a subject is blinking in one photo and smiling in another the user can select the best face for each user.

To use this, open the camera and tap on the Shooting mode selection, then tap on Best face. Take the photos and then pick the best faces.

Use the S Pen without Touching the Display

The Galaxy Note 2 S Pen is a very handy feature that allows users to control the Galaxy Note 2 without touching the display. By hovering over the Galaxy Note 2 display users can move through screens and can view more information about a message or text.

If this feature is not turned on, tap on Settings -> S Pen -> Toggle Air view On. It’s worth turning off sounds and haptic feedback unless you enjoy extra alerts.

Check Alerts Without Touching the Galaxy Note 2

With Quick Glance, the users can move their hand over the screen while the Galaxy Note 2 is on a table and the screen will turn on showing missed calls, text messages and battery life.

To turn this on go to Settings -> Motion -> Quick glance -> Check this box. After doing this, tap on Advanced settings to choose what items are shown. Users can pick from missed calls, messages battery life, current music and the status bar.

Automatically Share Photos

With Share Shot the Galaxy Note 2 can automatically share photos to other Samsung devices as you take them. Link up the Galaxy Note 2 to other compatible smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Once linked up the photo will go to the other smartphones automatically.

To set this up, open the camera app on all the phones and select Share Shot from the Shooting mode menu on the left. Follow the instructions to link up all of the phones. Then start taking photos and the Galaxy Note 2 and they will automatically share to the other phones. Even after the connection is over the photos will remain on the other devices.