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N-Trig Initiative: Making Progress

Last week, we reported that the mighty champions of the GBM forum were taking up the call for better drivers for their N-Trig digitizers, particularly those in ...
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N-Trig Initiative: A Call for Support

After taking some heat for "overdoing" the Dell Latitude XT multi-touch driver hostage saga, Warner opted to cut the front page pressure once some progress has ...
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N-Trig + Fujitsu = More Multi-Touch

N-Trig, maker of multi-touch capacitive digitizers, and Fujitsu, maker of some of the finest Tablet PCs on the market, just announced a partnership that, and I ...
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N-Trig Pulls a Rodney Dangerfield

One of my biggest disappointments over the past year has been with Dell's Latitude XT and its N-Trig digitizer. There have been many improvements over the past ...