A $100,000 iPhone 5 Case for Bling-ionaires

There’s only one iPhone 5 case we know of that many millionaires won’t be able to afford. The $100,000 case is made of 18kt white gold and adorned with sapphires and rubies.This case makes the $3,000 titanium iPhone 5 case look like a bargain.

The Natural Sapphire Company is generous enough to include some level of personalization to please ‘distinguished’ iPhone 5 owners with too much money and not enough taste. While it’s likely the company is releasing this case as more of a publicity stunt than anything else, there’s probably at least one fashionista that’ll end up buying it.

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In the $100,000 iPhone 5 case announcement, the Natural Sapphire Company wrote that the case is being offered for:

…the distinguished purchaser and one who appreciates the truly finer things life, not to mention for the one who wishes to remain unique among the masses…


Image via Natural Saphire Company

The above image shows what the $100,000 iPhone 5 case looks like. We’re not sure most iPhone 5 owners would want to be seen in public with this thing, much less take out a mortgage to pay for it.

The Natural Sapphire Company case is set with 2,830 natural blue sapphires. The Apple logo on the back of the case is made of 28 rubies, with a green sapphire shaped as a leaf. If that’s not enough bling for your taste, you can always customize it with a dose of platinum and swap in some yellow and pink sapphires.

The iPhone 5 costs $199 to $349 with a two-year contract and up to $849 off contract. In other words, you could buy up to 500 iPhones instead of this ridiculous case.

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s sixth-generation smartphone. It features 4G LTE wireless technology and will go on sale at retailers September 21. Early demand has exceeded expectations, with Apple selling out of its first batch of IPhone 5s in less than one hour.