A Weekend of HP Rebuilds

image Boy did I have a great time this weekend, I had to rebuild two HP machines (the tx2051 and the tx2525)!

All kidding aside though, over this weekend I spent some time rebuilding the two HP machines that I am currently covering here at GBM.  Based on the somewhat confusing results of the initial benchmark tests and reader comments, I decided to take it to the extreme.  Wipe them out and start over with the clean system and fresh driver installs.  It took a while, especially since they had to do a bunch of updates, but they are again ready to start churning away while running some ‘clean install’ benchmarks!

I really appreciate the comments on the initial benchmarking post, made me think that it needed to be done to provide more accurate test results.  I actually forgot that the HP tx2051 has been passed around the GBM crew for a while,and probably hasn’t seen a rebuild in quite some time.

image The videos are going to be a little different coming from the Faulkner household, I have a shiny new Flip Mino HD!  Nothing better than shooting a couple of HP machines in some HD goodness. I’ll be putting it thru it’s paces straight out of the box filming a couple of Inkshows!