Acer’s 11.6 Inch Aspire One Now Official

acer11inchaspireone I find it interesting the way that the Netbook form factor is evolving in size. After the early 7 and 9 inch models we quickly moved to the 10 inchers and then came the 12 inch models. Now we’re shoe horning the 11 inch (actually 11.6 inch) models in between.

Acer has rolled out its 11.6 inch Aspire One and Dana Wollman at Laptop Mag got to spend a little time with the device at the press event. Dana calls it super-thin (1 inch thick) and most of the reports I’m seeing are impressed with the build quality. What we are seeing about specs include the Intel Atom processor, 160GB HDD, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G support, Dolby Pro Logic Sound, and a multi-card reader. No word pricing on this yet, but there are lots of pretty pictures to see floating around the net today.