Tips, Tricks, Skins and Strategies, or Agar, is finally on iPhone and Android, delivering fun multiplayer gaming to users who want to take the webgame to their smartphone. We’ll walk you through what you need to know about the game and share the best tips, tricks and strategy that you need to master the game.

Miniclip offers this game online and on iPhone, iPad and Android. If you have a big screen device, it’s a little easier to play on that screen, than on a 4-inch smartphone screen.

Here’s a quick look at what you need to know about Agar or so you can get started, play better and beat other players.

What is

Play on iPhone and Android.

Play on iPhone and Android. started as a web game on Miniclip and you can still play it online at your computer, but the exciting news is that there is now a app with touch friendly controls.

In you control a blob that consumes other blobs and grows as you do so. There are other players you can consume and who can consume you, so make sure you watch out for people targeting you.

Unlike many top free iPhone, iPad and Android games, is completely free. There are some ads, but there are not ads between every match and you cannot buy power ups with in-app purchases to play better. It’s free and it’s skill based, with a little luck.

You can play on the web or download on iPhone and iPad or from Google Play for Android.

How to Play

You move your blob around the screen consuming very small, non moving blobs, but then you can also start to consume other blobs that players are controlling.

To consume a player you must be 10% bigger than their blob, or 33% bigger if you are split into another blob.

Use the strategies to survive.

Use the strategies to survive.


In addition to controlling one blob with the touch screen you can also split your blob or shoot mass. You can use this to split and catch up to a smaller blob that is faster than you. Or you can shoot mass to slow that blob down and catch up, just make sure they don’t grow too much.

While you are small you can hide in a green virus, but when you are bigger it will split you. You can regroup, but you will need to smash into your other parts to do this.

How to Use Skins

Use a skin to change the look of your blob.

Use a skin to change the look of your blob.

After playing a few rounds you’ll notice that there are ways to customize the look of your blob. These are called skins. You will need to enter the right name on the start page to get the skin you want. You can try out names of Internet memes, emoji and almost any country to get a skin.

Use this guide to see the new skins and a list of the names you need to enter to use the skins on iPhone, iPad and Android. Tips and Tricks

Here are the essential tips, tricks and strategy that you need to master this game, or at least make it to a reasonable size.

When you start, go for as many little blobs as you can to get to a respectable size. At this stage, you just don’t want to be the smallest player on the board.

  • Hide in a Virus – The green spiky circles are viruses. When you are small you can hide inside it to avoid larger blobs.
  • Use the Edge – You can skirt around  big blobs sometimes by using an edge, but watch out because one of the best offensive strategies is to use edges and corners to trap an opponent.
  • Shoot a Virus – You can eject mass, which shoots the direction you are pointing. When you shoot a virus 7 times it will shoot a virus at another player, splitting them. Use this wisely to take out a bigger foe.
  • Split to go on the Offensive – When you are going after another player you can split to become faster and catch up to another player.

You can also check out this thread with tips and tricks once you get past the beginning stages. You’ll learn how to master the 200-300 point stage and what to do when you become absolutely huge.

Change Controls

You can customize the controls to match your play style. There are several important options to choose. The first one is Stop On Release. If you turn this off, the blob will keep moving when you take your finger off the screen. This can be handy if you need to re-adjust or to tap a button.

You can also choose to use Direction on Touch. This option is handy as you can touch the screen and immediately start moving in that direction. perfect for fast changes and narrow escapes.

There is also an option to change the location of the buttons to right, left or corners.