Alan Reiter Wants a Tablet PC

In the wake of yet another Apple Tablet rumor and the building anticipation for the Crunchpad, Alan Reiter has written a blog post that sums up a lot of very similar feelings. Entitled ReiterPad Beats Crunchpad and Apple Tablet, he makes his case. Here’s an excerpt:

Well, I don’t want the CrunchPad or an Apple Tablet, and I don’t like Steve Jobs’s attitude. When Apple’s chairman introduced the first iPhone, he said, “Who wants a stylus? …Yuck, nobody wants a stylus!”

I want a stylus! I want it for the ReiterPad — an 8.5-inch-by-11-inch slate computer without a physical keyboard, to replace my letter-ruled paper notepads. I’ll use a stylus on the slate just as I use my pen on paper.

The ReiterPad will include a note-taking program, an office suite (like Microsoft Office or the cheaper StarOffice), and a Web browser.

Gee, I can think of quite a few Tableteers who think likewise, but for Alan, and everyone else who dreams of doing what comes naturally-effortlessly scribbling notes on a screen-that seems to not be the focus these days when all eyes are on touch and consumption and not creation.

I also like his price recommendations. Read the entire article here.

Intriguing timing given the post that Sumocat just put up regarding Gartenberg’s thoughts on Tablet PCs.