Almost Half of AT&T’s Unlimited Customers Are Paying Too Much

You may have heard. Unlimited data on AT&T isn’t exactly unlimited anymore. And while many are upset with the carrier’s new data throttling policy, with some going as far as taking the carrier to small claims court, nearly half of those grandfathered into an unlimited plan on AT&T would save money by downgrading to one of the carrier’s tiered data plans.

The findings come from a survey conducted by Validas – who tracks wireless data coverage – and it shows that 48.6% of those that are on an unlimited data plan don’t even cross the 300MB threshold. 300MB is the lowest amount of data that AT&T offers on its devices.

By switching to a 300MB data plan, customers could be saving $10 per month.

Almost Half of AT&T's Unlimited Customers Are Paying Too Much

However, as The Consumerist points out, there are some pitfalls that come with saving that cash.

First of all, there are more than a few customers that are teetering on the 300 MB threshold. And should they go over that line, AT&T would require a $20 payment for exceeding that 300MB limit.

So that would obviously mean that these users would have to pay closer attention to their data usage. At the moment. the worst that can happen to those on a grandfathered unlimited data plan is that AT&T will start throttling data speeds once a user exceeds 3GB.

Second, as software becomes more data intensive, so does consumption. So that means that average users will likely see their data usage increase as more and more content becomes available on mobile devices.

Still, there are users who just use their phone for light web browsing, checking email and texting and it would be those people that would be smart to take a look at a tiered data plan.

To find out where you stand, you’ll want to download AT&T’s myAT&T app which will help you track your data usage.

Via: Consumer Reports