AlphaBetty Saga App: 5 Things to Know

The AlphaBetty Saga app is finally here, offering a fun twist on boggle, word search and other word find games. AlphaBetty feels like a mix of Candy Crush and a Word Find and it’s just as hard to put down as Candy Crush games.

AlphaBetty Saga started on Facebook and now it is possible to download AlphaBetty Saga on iPhone, iPad and Android. The game is free to download, but like similar games, there are in-app purchases that push users to spend real world money on in-game items.

Her’s a fast look at what you need to know about the AlphaBetty Saga app, how to play, how to get infinite lives without paying and other tips and important information.

What is AlphaBetty Saga?

The AlphaBetty Saga app is a mix of word finds like Boggle and Candy Crush games where you need to remove objects from a board to move something up or down the screen. As you progress you’ll unlock a variety of power ups, special features and the option to spend real money on the game.

There is a Scrabble-like addiction to the game that comes from finding the right word to open up a chunk of the board with a big letter match.

Download on iPhone, iPad or Android.

If you enjoy Candy Crush style games, but want something that makes you think a little more, AlphaBetty Saga is the game to download and try now.

How to Play AlphaBetty Saga

When you download AlphaBetty Saga the game walks you through the basics of play, but if you skipped past this, here’s what you need to know.

You clear the board by making words with letters on the screen. You don’t move the letter tile, just drag to link them. You can make words forwards and backwards and you can link to any tile it touches. This includes diagonal links that open up a lot more options. You can even criss-cross diagonals to match a word you absolutely need to clear out a chunk of the board.

There are special purple letters that can blast an entire row, or if arrows point both directions a row and a column.

AlphaBetty Saga also includes a collection of power ups at the bottom of the screen. The shuffle option re-arranges the letters so you can find new matches and it refills very quickly as you make more matches. There is also an option to add a purple line breaker and the option to buy five extra moves for 9 pieces of gold if you are close to beating a level.

AlphaBetty Saga Infinite Lives

When you don’t beat a level you lose one life. You can keep five lives at any given time and the lives regenerate with time. If you need just one life it comes back in about 15 minutes, but the timing builds out for more lives.

Set the clock ahead for unlimited AlphaBetty Saga lives.

Set the clock ahead for unlimited AlphaBetty Saga lives.

There is a AlphaBetty Saga cheat that allows you to unlock AlphaBetty Saga unlimited lives by changing the clock on your iPhone or Android. Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Turn off Set Automatically -> Change time ahead a day or a few hours.

Open the app back up, see your new lives and then go back to settings to set the device time back to normal before you play.

Repeat this as needed. If you end up with an insane wait for new lives, you can delete the app and re-install. As long as you have game syncing turned on as part of the setup you will be able to restore your progress.

AlphaBetty Saga Tips

There are many ways to play AlphaBetty Saga, but you can do better with a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few of our favorite AlphaBetty Saga tips to beat hard levels.

Use the Crown – Make a four letter word to add a crown to another tile. Then use that in a three-letter or higher word and it will take out a bubble or other important tile to help you out.

Try Odd Words – There is no penalty for a lining up a word that isn’t really a word. If you are stuck, try some odd combinations to see if you get lucky. then remember the word for next time.

Don’t Forget the Diagonal – Remember that you can match diagonal and that you can pull together multiple diagonals in a variety of directions to get a better board-clearing word.

Remember to stay focused on bubbles, cheese and other goals.

Remember to stay focused on bubbles, cheese and other goals.

Focus on Your Goal – When you need to pop bubbles or clear the way for cheese, stick to the areas that matter most. If you must clear elsewhere, make it a four letter word to get a crown.

Shuffle as Needed – When you are stuck, remember to shuffle so you can keep going and avoid losing a life. This is especially handy if you are close to beating a level.

AlphaBetty Saga In App Purchases

Use AlphaBetty Saga in-app purchases to buy gold.

Use AlphaBetty Saga in-app purchases to buy gold.

The AlphaBetty Saga app is free to download and to use on your iPhone, iPad or Android, but there are in-app purchases available. On Android and iPhone there are six AlphaBetty Saga in-app purchases for users, from 99 cents to $59.99.

You can buy gold with in app purchases that allow you to get past hard levels easier by adding more moves to the board.

If you install this game on a child’s iPhone you can link in-app purchases to another iPhone with Family Sharing. This will allow a parent to approve or disapprove an in-app purchase.