Amazon Prepping a Tablet for this Fall? Well, yeah.

The Internets are abuzz with word from DigiTimes that Amazon is prepping a Tablet for the fall. Yes, that’s a Tablet, not just a Kindle refresh. Or will it be something akin to the Nook? No one is really sure and the company that comes closest to Apple in keeping its secrets secret is Amazon. Speculation centers on viewing video as a big feature and that makes sense given Amazon’s efforts on that front.

And it makes sense on other levels as well. Amazon, if this come to be, which is likely, will be pushing this hot and heavy going into the Christmas season, just like they have done with the Kindle. Amazon has also been building up its consumer facing Cloud efforts, and you can’t discount the fact that they a large base of users familiar with so much of what it offers. If speculation about the lower than the iPad price points are close then this would probably shake things up in the market a bit. Amazon has the room to play hardball on prices that others don’t and that’s key. But what kind of Tablet will it be? We’ll know more down the road once the heat of summer begins to fade.

While I’m still very anxious to see what HP delivers with the TouchPad in a few days from now, I think Amazon’s entry, depending on what it is, has an even greater potential for shaking things up. Your thoughts?

A side note: At least two new employees here where I work have recently acquired the latest Nook.