Amazon Wants To Save My Fingers, Promises Easier To Open Packaging

Double-take. Triple-take. This is good news for all of those who have maimed their fingers or chipped a tooth trying to open a new gadget having to work through the perils of blister packaging. Amazon is promising easier to open packaging on some products. Initially this includes 19 products from Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft, Transcend are available in new containers that won’t send you to the ER. Amazon is hoping to eventually offer its entire catalog this way. Amazon calls it Frustration-Free-Packaging.

This is a good start, but I still maintain the way to get rid of this scourge on mankind is to force CEOs to open their own products after they’ve been packaged.

Make sure you take a look at the Gallery of Wrap Rage.

Here’s a link to the press release.