And We Wonder Why the Mainstream Media is in Decline?

Kevin Tofel pointed out this Forbes article from Les Gomes entitled Intel’s Not-So-Mighty-Atom. Essentially the article is another misinformed tear down of Netbooks, because, (BREAKING NEWS ALERT) Intel’s Atom chipset isn’t as powerful and can’t do the same kind of things that the more powerful chips can do.

I don’t know. Maybe this article got written, oh, like 18 months or so ago, and they just decided to print it. But you’d think that a major publication that folks supposedly subscribe to for business advice would do just a little better on assigning reporters who know something about the subject, or at least those who know how to do some basic research. But then that fallacy (you know the media as an authoritative source) got blown apart last year when the economy collapsed. There’s an axiom at play here, that when a media outlet discovers a trend and actually devotes resources to it, the trend is actually over. And we wonder why mainstream media is in decline.

To be fair, (and it is hard to), there is still a great deal of confusion about Netbooks, and Intel and the OEMs essentially allowed this to occur. They did so primarily because they didn’t want to stop a rushing train full of cash coming in. But that turned around on them slightly at the end of last year when consumers discovered what Gome is now saying.   The lack of clarity is also partly to blame for the fact that Netbooks are eating into the higher profit margin machines.