Another Tablet Rumor. This Time from Microsoft

It wouldn’t be another week without another Tablet rumor, but this time it isn’t Apple, it is Microsoft that is the subject. Yes, that’s right there’s a Tablet rumor about a possible new take on Tablet PCs from Microsoft. Mary Jo Foley picks up on a couple of Microsoft rumors. First there’s Pink. That’s the rumor about a possible Microsoft branded phone that pulls together a mobile OS based on the Windows Mobile 7 core and the Zune media platform.

Then Mary Jo drops this about a possible new Tablet. She calls it the Tablet (Take 2):

More recently, I heard that at least one exec from Microsoft’s Surface team is part of the Tablet effort, too. Microsoft officials have hinted before that they’re set on building a smaller Surface. At one point, that project was going by the codename ““Oahu.” But the new Tablet effort is allegedly part of something that is known as ““Alchemy Ventures,” according to the couple of tips I’ve gotten on it to date. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft is waiting for Apple to show its Tablet hand before trotting out its revamped Tablet.

Mary Jo also speculates that J Allard is apparently involved. Very interesting.

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