Anyone want a 19″ e-ink display?

lg_eink_02As Sumocat showed us in his CES coverage, we are getting ready for an onslaught of e-readers this coming year.  We are going to get them in every size, shape, color and price point.  Their one common factor, screen size.  Aside from the Kindle DX, the average e-reader display is about 6 inches.  Well, what if we want more?  What if we want an e-ink display the size of an average newspaper?  Or a small whiteboard?

Well, the folks over at LG Display have come to our rescue with a 19″ e-ink display. The specifications on this:  0.3mm thick, measures 250 x 450mm, and weighs 130 grams.  Not too shabby.

According to the post from

Jae Chung, CTO and executive VP of LG Display, said:

Our development of the world’s largest flexible display has opened up a new market in the next-generation display sector of e-paper. As the e-paper market is growing at a rapid pace, LG Display will continue to deliver new value to customers and the market through industry-leading technologies and differentiated products.

LG hasn’t announced when a 19″ flexible e-paper gadget will hit the market but an 11.5″ version is expected to see a release before the middle of 2010.

Anyone want one to hang on the wall of an office?  Or as a new desk blotter?