Apple Files Patent That Could Restrict iPhone Camera Use at Concerts

Ever filmed something at a concert or a live sporting event using your iPhone? Well, if a patent from Apple that surfaced today ever comes to light, those days would be over.

iPhone 4

According to a report from the Daily Mail. Apple has filed for a patent that will restrict iPhone owners, that probably means iPad owners too, from using their camera to film live footage at live events. Software on the device would work in conjunction with infrared cameras at the venue and when those sensors detect an iPhone camera filming, the camera would immediately get shutdown preventing footage from being recorded. Everything else on the phone would work, just not the camera.

Apple apparently filed the patent 18 months ago and it was just brought to light today. And while the move would probably appease some people frustrated by iPhones blocking their view at concerts, the patent is really aimed at pleasing broadcasters who are upset with people posting footage on YouTube after they have bought exclusive rights to the event.

Assisting record companies in this manner is likely to help Apple secure more favourable terms with labels when negotiating deals to place music for sale on its iTunes website.

It’s unknown if and when Apple would do this but we wouldn’t count on it becoming a reality in the near future, if ever. We can’t even imagine the backlash that the company would get if this were ever enacted, especially if competitors didn’t buy in and do the same.