Apple Invites Us to “talk iPhone” on October 4th – iPhone 5 Event Confirmed

We had more than a suspicion that Apple would be holding an iPhone 5 event on October 4th, but the company has just made it official by sending out press invites for an iPhone announcement.

The invites feature well known iPhone icons, simply state, “Let’s talk iPhone.”

The icons don’t offer up too many clues — the date is October 4th, the time 10 AM and the location looks to be at Apple’s headquarters. There is a missed call, but we don’t think it is a missed call for T-Mobile to join the conversation.

We’ll be on hand to bring you the news on Apple’s new iPhone as soon as it is announced. Until then, check out our latest lit of iPhone 5 release date, hardware and carrier rumors. If you aren’t lining up for an iPhone 5 on launch day, you will want to check out our iOS 5 release date and feature guide article which outlines the new features your current iPhone and iPad will get in early October.

iPhone 5 event Apple

Apple is hosting an iPhone event on October 4th.

The invitation leaves the stage wide open for Tim Cook to announce a new iPhone 5, an iPhone 4S and the iOS 5 software which will bring many new features to the iPhone. We also expect to hear about new voice control software which is reportedly going to be a major feature on the next iPhone. I’m hoping that the inclusion of a Maps icon means more than the location of the event, as Apple has a long way to go in catching up with Android navigation.

The iPhone 5 event is scheduled to take place at the Apple headquarters in California. This event will mark the first time Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, takes the stage to announce a product without Steve Jobs as the show leader. Both consumers and investors will be looking to the stage to see if Tim Cook can convince the world to buy a new iPhone.

Via Engadget