Apple to Launch iPad HD Alongside iPhone 5 This Fall?

According to a report from ThisIsMyNext, Apple is apparently going to be launching a new iPad – the iPad HD and not the iPad 3 – this fall alongside the next iPhone device that may or may not be called the iPhone 5.

iPad 2

Apparently, the iPad HD will not be a full-blown successor to the iPad 2 but will instead be a “pro” device that is more higher end than the iPad and will be aimed at video and photo production. In addition, it’s said to be arriving with some sort of iPad version of Final Cut or Aperture.

So, why is it going to be called the iPad HD? Well, because it’s display is said to be double resolution and will sit at 2048 x 1536, that’s why. The iPad HD won’t be the iPad 3 but it will instead be like the MacBook Pro is to the MacBook.

No other information about the iPad HD was available but if this is the real deal, anyone saving up some extra money between now and September?