Apple Not Selling Extra Lightning Cables in Stores

New iPhone 5 owners should make sure they don’t misplace their Lightning cables because there’s a chance they won’t be able to buy a new one for quite some time.

We’re hearing through some Twitter users that Apple stores don’t have any accessories to sell with the iPhone 5, not even extra cables for the new device. Apple started selling Lightning to USB cables on its website the same day it launched the iPhone 5, September 12. The $19 cable now ships in 2-3 weeks.

We’ve also heard that Verizon stores don’t have any cables in stock to sell. It sounds like no store has Lightning cables yet.

Lightning Connector box

The Lightning to USB cable is tough to find.

Unfortunately because Apple is the only company that currently makes Lightning cables, users have no chance of finding any equivalent cable in stores or even online. Several retailer list cables online, but are not selling Lightning to USB cables.

Users who have a plethora of old dock connector cables can’t buy Lightning adapters either, as Apple won’t ship those until sometime in October. We don’t know exactly when the $29 an $39 adapters will ship to users, all we know is that for now there’s no options for charging the iPhone 5 aside from the one cable included in the box.

We hope Apple can get more stock of Lightning cables in stores soon. Not every user will carry their cables around with them, but those of us who do should be extra careful with the cables until we can purchase a backup. For now the best option is probably to oder one from Apple’s website and wait the two or three weeks for it to arrive.