Apple Prepares Staff for iOS 7 Release, New Looks and Features

Apple is preparing staff members for the upcoming iOS 7 release date so Apple Care employees can answer questions from users who upgrade to iOS 7 and need help adapting to the new look, new iOS 7 features and iTunes Radio.

Apple announced iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 and the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software is in beta testing with a possible iOS 7 GM available on September 10th when we expect Apple will announce a new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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The iOS 7 release date is likely set for September 18th, not September 10th.

AppleCare employees are reportedly training for iOS 7. The iOS 7 release date is likely set for September 18th

The iOS 7 beta is in the hands of developers and insiders at Apple, but Apple Store employees are not allowed to use the beta as they might accidentally show it to customers.

According to the latest leaks from AppleCare employees to 9to5Mac, Apple is starting a new training program to prepare staffers for an influx of questions about the new iOS 7 design and features.

Apple will reportedly bring several part-time support staff up to full-time as the iOS 7 release date approaches to maker sure customers get answers fast. Apple recently launched a 24/7 AppleCare chat service which could see more usage in late September.

The new iOS 7 design could bring additional questions from users who are confused by a new lock screen, enhanced multitasking and the new Control Center tab that offers fast access to settings and controls.

AppleCare employees will also be able to answer questions about iTunes Radio, Apple’s new streaming music service that will come to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7. iTunes Radio is free with ads and a premium option is included in iTunes Match with no ads.

The video below showcases many of the new iOS 7 features.

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AppleCare employee training for iOS 7 needs to be completed by the second week of September according to the report, which lines up with the likely iOS 7 GM release to developers.

The training end date does not indicate Apple plans an iOS 7 release date for September 10th to the general public, as one email suggested. Rather it looks like the iOS 7 release date should come closer to a rumored iPhone 5S release date of September 20th. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners should expect an iOS 7 update on or around September 18th based on Apple’s previous timelines.