Apple Selling iPhone 4 Unlocked in Canada

Apple will begin selling the iPhone 4 unlocked in Canada starting this Friday, but I don’t think very many Canadians will pay the premium. Our northern neighbors have a lot more choice than those of us shackled to AT&T’s network in the U.S. Canadians can already choose between three carriers, all of which will be offering the iPhone 4 for $199 CAD(16GB). Apple will sell the unlocked iPhone 4 directly for $659 ¬†and $779.

I’m not familiar with wireless contracts in Canada, but a $459 premium to stay out of one seems steep by any measure. However, those that often travel past their country’s borders would benefit greatly by picking up an unlocked iPhone and buying local SIMs. I’d absolutely love to be able to continue using my iPhone when overseas and I’d seriously consider paying a steep premium for the freedom to do so.

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