Apple Sinks to New Low with Baby Shaker App

This goes beyond simply head scratching and into the realm of just what were they thinking. Apple seems to enjoy toilet humor and worse when it comes to approving novelty apps for its very successful App Store that is about to crest the 1 Billion App Downloaded mark. After things seemed to settle down from the obnoxious cloud of apps featuring various methods of creating the sounds of flatulence, Apple seems to be once again approving apps that have questionable value and taste.

Lately there is an app that features the sounds of urination and now comes one that goes beyond frat boy immaturity and crosses way over the line. The latest questionable taste app allows you to shake a crying baby until its eyes are replaced with X’s. Yeah, you read that right. Again, way over the line and how something like this gets approved is beyond me. Makes you wonder just who is minding the store.

Jennifer Dickens, a mother who had a child who experienced brain damage from being shaken by his father, and the founder of a national organization for Shaken Baby Syndrome brought this to CNet’s attention and I’m glad she did. Apple should be ashamed and pull this offensive app.

And to think there is some sort of delay with the SlingPlayer app

Via TechCrunch and CNet

UPDATE: According to CNet, Apple has come to its senses and pulled the app from the store.