Apple Stretches Truth To Halt Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales

Remember when Apple got a court in Germany to halt the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in pretty much all of the European Union?

Yes, the lawsuit which is based on a patent that basically gives Apple the ability to go after any tablet with a bezel and a rectangular-ish shape.

It turns out Apple may have skewed reality, err lied, in evidence it filed with the judge. If you recall the claim is that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is essentially indistinguishable from the iPad 2.

Apple Samsung Lawsuit - Fake Evidence

False Evidence Could Hurt Apple's Case.

It turns out that the court never really looked at a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and an iPad 2 side by side. Instead the court relied on evidence filed by Apple. This evidence shows a Galaxy Tab 10.1 next to an iPad 2, looking incredibly alike — almost like twins.

But, there’s something wrong with this picture. Literally. The image apple used is a skewed version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which looks a lot more like the iPad 2 than any of the Galaxy Tab devices on store shelves.

Webwereld discovered that on page 28 of Apple’s legal filing the Cupertino based company used a side by side image of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is 8% wider and the same height as the iPad 2. In real life, the Galaxy Tab is a bit narrower and taller (in portrait mode). There’s no news yet available regarding the wider use of this image, but we have to wonder if Apple hasn’t used it in Australia and in other lawsuits filed against Samsung.

It’s not yet clear if Apple intentionally filed paperwork which made their case look better, or if this is just a screw up related to improperly resizing an image in a word processing tool, where an intern forgot to constrain the ratio. Intentional or not, this mix up is a big deal and good news for Samsung, which is due to have a day in court on August 25th.

We’ll let you know how this plays out for Apple, and their crusade to kill the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Image via Webwereld via TechCrunch