Apple to Preview iPhone 3.0 Software

apple iphone 3.0 softwareAs if the Apple rumors about touch tablets, Netbooks, etc… weren’t rampant enough, now comes this. Apple is apparently notifiying folks that on March 17 they will preview the iPhone 3.0 software. That doesn’t mean it will be out then, and specualtion is running towards this summer.

Several things are in play here.

First new software for the iPhone will make a lot (and there are a lot) of iPhone users happy, and probably points to what will be a new iPhone this summer. Of course the happiness meter will probably depend on whether things like BlueTooth, Cut&Paste, background processing, push, etc… are included. (Those who jumped on the 1st gen bandwagon will see their AT&T contracts expire this summer.)

Second, speculation is hot that this new software will probably also run on the Netbook, Tablet, whatever that Apple may or may not be planning.Who knows, but I’m sure we’ll find out something on March 17.

Third, Palm is getting ready to release it’s hope-for-a-miracle Palm Pre touch phone and if you thought Apple was going to sit back and let them grab the spotlight, you’re not paying attention.

Via VentureBeat