Apple to Release New App Cards: Aims to Save US Postal Service

Apple unveiled a new App today, called Cards. It’s a simple, and some may say outdated, concept. You send a picture to Apple, they print out a Greeting Card with the picture and mail it (yes, mail it) to the intended recipient. You can of course pick designs for the card. It will cost $2.99 in the US to mail a card and $4.99 internationally.

Now this makes a lot of sense on many levels. Might make it easier for your kids to send thank you notes to their relatives.

But, I think that Apple has something else up its sleeve. Just like it has tried to save the music industry, the film industry, and the publishing industry, I think Apple is trying to save the US Postal Service, which is on the brink of bankruptcy.

I mean after all, each of these announcements is about saving some industry or the other isn’t it?

Cards app

Cards lets you look personalized with a tap.