Apple TV Refresh is Reportedly a Software Only Upgrade

While we heard some speculation that Apple might refresh the Apple TV, a report now says that won’t happen.

Instead Apple will only update the software on the small set-top box, according to All Things D to go along with the iOS 7 release we expect will show up with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C next week on September 10 at Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Some hoped Apple would release a new generation of the popular Apple TV, which started getting a lot more attention with a pair of updates that delivered new channels recently.

Apple TV

Recent updates may mark the only big changes we’ll see for Apple TV at the Sep 10 launch event.

Earlier rumors stated Apple received shipment of new Apple TV boxes on three occasions, according to a leak of documents from Homeland Security. Since that could describe any Apple TV shipments, including a ramp up to deal with the up coming holiday shopping season, the rumor was not concrete.

Apple did add new channels recently, including Disney Channel and Disney XD to go along with The Weather Channel, Vevo music service and the Smithsonian Network. Before that an update added HBO Go, Watch ESPN and a few others.

The iOS 7 release is likely coming in the next two weeks for the iPhone, iPod and possibly the iPad. A version for the Apple TV should show up as well. We’re still left to guess what other features could get released other than the new iTunes Radio they previously promised would find its way to the box.


One rumor, according to the report, says users who buy content via iTunes store, like TV Shows or Movies, can access them from a friends Apple TV using AirPlay. Access the video on an iPhone or iPad and it will stream through the Apple TV, even if the video’s not stored on the phone. Google’s Chromecast device works in a similar fashion. Right now a person needs to log out of their Apple TV and let the friend log in using their account info. If the change comes it removes this annoying step.