iPad Air 2 Review (2015)

The new iPad air 2 is thinner, lighter and available in gold.

The iPad Air 2 looks like the iPad Air, but it includes improvements and refinements that come together to deliver a vastly improved experience that is hard to completely understand until you make the switch. On paper it seems like such a small upgrade, but the thinner and lighter iPad also packs in a better display, Touch […]

iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks: Best Flux Settings


Medical experts all agree that using your gadgets at night before bed is messing with your sleep, but an iOS 8 Cydia tweak can change that around. Anne-Marie Chang of Brigham and Women’s Hospital says that the body’s natural circadian rhythms can be interrupted by what’s called “short-wavelength enriched light,” which is a fancy term […]

iPad Deal Offers Amazing Discount on 128GB iPad Air


If you’re in the market for a new iPad, you might be interested to know that B&H Photo is discounting the 128GB iPad Air down to just $529. This model comes with LTE capabilities as well, so a markdown to $529 is quite good, considering that its current MSRP is $829, which is $300 off. […]

How to Listen to March Madness Live Anywhere, Anytime

Listen to March Madness live with TuneIn. Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.com

The 2015 March Madness season is underway, and if you want to listen to March Madness live from anywhere. With the right app you can listen to every March Madness game live on your iPhone, iPad or Android and you don’t need to pay a dime to do it. You can also listen online if you […]

iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks: How to Hide App Icons


If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad and are wanting to hide some your unused app icons on your home screen, here are some iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that allow you to do that. There are many tricks you can pull on your iOS device when its jailbroken, thanks to the almost endless supply […]

iOS 8.3 Beta: 5 Things You Need to Know

Join the iOS 8.3 beta program to get ready for iOS 9.

Earlier this month, Apple released a brand new iOS 8.3 beta. Unlike previous versions of its iOS beta updates, Apple opened the iOS 8.3 beta up to the public to test ahead of a public release. With a public iOS beta now available, we want to take a look at five things you need to […]

How to Watch March Madness Live on iPad & Follow Your Team

ncaa march madness live games

The NCAA tournament starts this week and college basketball fans will want to watch March Madness during the work day or any time their favorite team’s playing, especially while away from home. Apple iPad owners can use their iPad to watch the games lives or follow them with in-game scores or play-by-play and post-game highlights. The iPad also […]

iPad Air 2 iOS 8.2 Update: 5 Things You Need to Know

The iPad Air 2 is still blazing fast with iOS 8.2 installed.

The iPad Air 2 iOS 8.2 update is ready and waiting for users to install, and while there aren’t as many concerns about installing a new update on the iPad Air 2 as on the aging iPad 2, there are still important things that users need to know about before tapping Download & Install. Although […]

iPad 2 iOS 8.2 Update: 5 Things You Need to Know

Read early iPad 2 iOS 8.2 reviews to see if you should install the update.

Before you install the iPad 2 iOS 8.2 update on your old iPad you need to know what’s new in iOS 8.2 and how it performs on the iPad 2. We’ll show you the five most important details about the iPad 2 iOS 8.2 update so you can install it after you decide if this update […]

Apple Streaming Service Could Arrive Later This Year


Reports of an Apple streaming service are popping back up, and it’s said that the company could launch it toward the end of the year. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to launch a television streaming service in September that will include around 25 channels, which will include big networks such as ABC, CBS, […]

iOS 8.3 Release for iPhone & iPad: 10 Things to Expect Now

Mophie iPhone 6 Plus Case Review -  1

As we move away from the iOS 8.2 release date, we’re starting to hear more about Apple’s upcoming iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And as we hear more about Apple’s potential successor for iOS 8.2, questions about the iOS 8.3 release have started to grow louder. Today, we want to offer up […]

iPad mini 2 iOS 8.2 Update: 5 Things You Need to Know


Last Monday, Apple released a brand new iOS 8 update. The company’s new iOS 8.2 update is now available for all devices capable of running iOS 8, including the second-gen iPad mini 2. Today, we want to take another look at the iPad mini 2 iOS 8.2 update and tell you about five things we think all iPad […]

iPad Air iOS 8.2 Update: 5 Things You Need to Know

The iPad Air 2 camera is better than the iPad Air.

Last week, Apple released its seventh iOS 8 update into the wild. The company’s new iOS 8.2 update is now available for all devices capable of running iOS 8, including the first-gen iPad Air. Today, we want to take another look at the iPad Air iOS 8.2 update and tell you about five things we think all iPad Air […]

iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Release Could Arrive This Month

iOS 8.2 jailbreak

Apple released iOS 8.2 last week during its Apple Watch event, but the latest version of iOS has yet to be jailbroken. However, that could come later this month. According to renowned jailbreak developer Stefan Esser, it’s very possible that the TaiG jailbreak team could be waiting until the 2015 Mobile Security Summit before releasing […]

Why You Should Wait for the iPad Mini 4

iPad mini 2

The iPad mini 3 is Apple’s latest tablet in the iPad mini lineup, but here’s why you should wait for the iPad mini 4. The iPad mini 3 release back in October was a major disappointment, mostly because Apple didn’t update it nearly as much as it did with the iPad Air 2. In fact, […]

iOS 8.3 Update: What We Know So Far

iPhone 6 Plus connectivity is working fin on the iOS 8.2 update.

Earlier this week, Apple released an iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 8.2 is a substantial update that delivers new enhancements and tons of bug fixes for iOS 8 problems. The update won’t be the last major update for iOS 8 though. Apple’s got an iOS 8.3 update in the works […]

3 Reasons the iPad Mini 2 Is a Great Deal

iPad mini 2

Apple announced and unveiled the iPad mini 3 back in October, serving as the successor to the now-called iPad mini 2. The original iPad mini still remains in Apple’s iPad lineup, but even with the newer iPad mini 3, here’s why the iPad mini 2 is still the best deal. The Cupertino-based company didn’t spend […]

iOS 8.2 Update: 5 Things You Need to Know Now

Mophie iPhone 6 Plus Case Review -  6

On Monday, Apple released its iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into the wild to replace its iOS 8.1.3 update. iOS 8.2 is major iOS 8 update and one that many users have their eye on. With the iOS 8.2 release here, we want to take a look at what we think every […]

iOS 9 Update: Concept Teases Future

A public iOS 9 beta is rumored for release this summer to let regular users test the iOS 9 update before the full release.

With an iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch confirmed, an iOS 8.4 release rumored for summer and summer still extremely far away, we’re still a long way away from an iOS 9 update and release. That hasn’t stopped designers from coming up with their own vision for Apple’s next iOS update and […]

9 Common iOS 8.2 Problems & How to Fix Them

Learn about the performance on the iPhone 6 Plus in our early iOS 8.2 review.

The iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available and it offers a ton of bug fixes and enhancements to Apple’s mobile devices. It also has brought iOS 8.2 problems to owners making the jump from iOS 8.1.3 and below. With iOS 8.2 problems in mind, we want to outline some […]