Applet Tablet Speculation: Can We Create a Market Out of This?

Maybe there is some way to improve the economy out of all of this Apple Tablet speculation. I mean, betting on futures is a big part of Wall Street is it not? But seriously, this morning’s news says some interesting things about a possible Apple Tablet and tech coverage.

NY Times executive editor Bill Keller in a talk to employees mentions an “impending Apple Tablet” and everyone goes crazy. It’s caught on video, so it must be real. Yep, that makes it a sure thing too.

Then, we’ve got reports that the SIM card for a possible Apple Tablet is going on sale from Foxcon, the supposed Apple Tablet maker.  Wow. That sort of sews up all those rumors now, doesn’t it. It’s a sure thing for sure.

The rumors have long since gotten tired. The depths to which folks go to grab rumors has gotten comical. Apple will or will not release a Tablet at some point. The hype on this mythical device has gone beyond the surreal, and is probably going to doom whatever Steve Jobs holds up in the air at some event to all sorts of negative reaction when it doesn’t live up to they hype.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as excited as anyone about a possible Apple Tablet. I still hope it comes to be. But I think the mythology about this new device is going to be very very difficult to turn into a reality in most folks minds.

And speaking of mythical Tablets, Ben over at UMPC Portal offers some interesting speculation as to what may or may not be happening with the Crunchpad, another device that keeps gaining mirage-like qualities as the days go by.