ARCHOS rolls out a Windows 7 tablet

archos-9-introWant a Tablet PC running Windows 7? ARCHOS has you covered. They unveiled a series of portable PCs in Paris today. Topping the list is the ARCHOS 9PCTablet, a resistive touchscreen tablet with Intel Atom processor. Yeah, I don’t know if I like this trend of resistive touchscreens on tablets, but if it brings the price down and puts tablets in more hands, I’m content with that. The version of Windows 7 is not specified, but it appears to be running the Aero interface, so I’m guessing Home Premium, which means tablet functionality (hopefully). Couple of mini PCs (i.e., netbooks) and a laptop being shown off too, as well as a sample device based on the Classmate PC.

Via (in French) by way of Engadget.