Are You Becoming a Digital Zombie?

zombiesInteresting article from the Washington Post that says we’re losing our view of the natural world around us by focusing on our small screens so much that we miss what’s around us. Are we becoming “digital zombies?” Perhaps that’s just a new twist on the old maxim, “stop and smell the roses.” Or is it a spin on the old “chicken and the egg” tale?

I’m not sure, and certainly you can argue that humans have a proclivity to become obsessed with any new trend, and some too much so. But the article raises interesting points about how tied we become to our on-line lives. Of course the answer to any obsession is a simple one and that is to try and find balance. While there may be some withdrawal pangs from going cold turkey and logging off the net for awhile, it is a simple common sense answer if you’re feeling like you’re missing the natural world around you. But it is difficult to do when it is so easy to be connected and your first impulse to find out information is to whip out your mobile device to find what you’re looking for.

How about you? Are you becoming a digital zombie?