Asus Changes How They Want Us to Say Its Name. Again

You say A Soos, I say ah sus. It doesn’t rhyme like tomato and tomato, but good grief, if you didn’t want folks to be confused you should have done something about it long before now. Like, when you first became a company and picked the name.

Asus is certainly a company to be reckoned with in today’s tech market, but they just can’t figure out how they want their name to be pronounced. Most folks gave up and called it whatever they want, and apparently that bugs the folks at Asus HQ. So, for the record the new official pronunciation is A-seus or as you can see in the picture demonstrating Taiwanese phonetics eh-SUS. OK, fine, but to say that it is some sort of derivative of Pegasus makes me scratch my phonetic head a bit when I listen to the official sounding video below.

Via Engadget