ASUS Eee Pad said to be multi-touch with NVIDIA Tegra

EeePadKneePadWord out of NetbookNews is the whispered ASUS slate tablet, the so-called Eee Pad, will feature multi-touch input. Yay! However, they’re also claiming it will run the NVIDIA Tegra system-on-a-chip. Boo! Hiss!

Sorry, nothing against Tegra, which I’m rather excited to see hit the market (as are others), but it’s an ARM-based system, so unlike their new netbooks, we’re not looking at a Windows 7-based tablet. It does leave open the question of what OS it will run. Chrome OS is a good possibility given they’re on Google’s list of hardware partners, but Android or their own flavor of Linux are options, though I’d call them slim ones.

Via Engadget and Electronista