Asus Foldable eBook Reader Set to Disrupt

asus-dual-panel-laptop-concept-touchscreens-cebitAsus threw curve balls at everybody with the Eee PC line and now looks like it is poised to do the same to the eBook reader market. Remember the dual screen, foldable device we’ve been seeing pictures of? Well, it looks like it might surface as an eBook reader, with Asus promising that it will be the cheapest on the market.

Actually, Asus is working on two editions, one that will hit that low price point of around $163 or so, and one that will have more features and obviously a larger price tag. Asus is talking like this more featured edition will be able to use Skype, surf the web, etc…

Of course the hinged dual screen has interesting appeal. Asus proved they know how to shake things up with the Eee PC, now the Eee Reader might do the same if it makes its debut by the end of the year as Asus is saying.

Via TimesOnline