Asus Says Enough is Enough, Discontinues the Eee PC Line

Recognizing the absurdity that has become the Eee PC line and wanting to reform their ways, Asus has called in the dogs and discontinued the Eee PC line. At CTIA, company representatives announced the following in a standing room only press conference:

Looking back, we now recognize how foolish it was to release a new Eee PC model every day with no perceivable difference in specs and meaningless product names. The products were cool and certainly industry shaking, but we need to start over. Today we are pleased to announce the Ppp PC line. We’ll have a   1.5″ touch Ppp PC , 1.6″ pen Ppp PC, 8.9″ capacitive touch Ppp PC, 9.1″ keyboard only Ppp PC, and a 10.2″ optical touch Ppp PC.

Wow – it sure is good to see Asus remedy their ways….. Not five minutes later, they called a second press conference:

We are pleased to announce a new 1.5″ touch Ppp PC, which improves upon the original 1.5″ touch Ppp PC by having an improved fan. We call it the 1.5″ touch improved fan Ppp PC.

7 minutes later they were calling another press conference. We left….