Asus Thinks About Digital Ink Note Takers with Eee Tablet

Asus is not only showing off its Eee Pad prototypes at Computex, it is also touting the Eee Tablet. Confused? well, kinda, sorta. But Inkers might pay attention to the distinction. The 8 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display of the Eee Tablet is being targeted towards note takers. It is capable of displaying 64 shades of gray and the touch screen is a supposedly very sensitive 2450 DPI touch screen sensitivity that interacts with a special stylus. It is not e-Ink.

So the Eee Tablet is a note taking device with an very sensitive screen that Asus says is like writing on paper, and it is also an eBook reader. It’s due in September at a price point between $199 and $299.

Engadget has more pics and video here.