AT&T Changes the Seasonal Calendar and Promises MMS on 9/25

When Apple released the new iPhone 3GS and the updated OS 3.0 software, there was much consternation about AT&T’s inability to provide one of the key new features that Apple was touting, MMS. Other carriers around the world had it ready on launch, but for those of us here in the good old USA, we were told by AT&T that it would roll out later this summer.

Well, now according to AT&T’s website, it will roll out September 25 in a software update. There’s lots of talk about how AT&T is working to make its network better and more capable of handling the traffice and yada, yada yada. Word is thought that AT&T is rolling out improvements in some larger urban areas (San Fransisco and New York), so here’s hoping they finally figured out that the rest of the world was on to their bait and switch routines.

No mention of the fact that AT&T has now changed the seasonal calendar so that summer extends beyond the autumnal equinox. But then I guess the only calendar they are looking at in the AT&T offices is the one that has that exclusivity deal moving closer to expiration. Also no word how this is going to affect pricing.

Now about that tethering thing? Oh, yeah, something about when hell freezes over, as I recall.

UPDATE: Apparently AT&T is putting out a full court press on this one. According to an AT&T rep who popped me an email about this post:

There’s no additional charge for MMS to customers with a text messaging bundle and no separate monthly charge to use if you don’t have a bundle.

And, regarding tethering, by its nature, this function could exponentially increase traffic on the network, and we need to ensure that some of our current upgrades are in place before we can deliver the expanded functionality with the excellent performance that customers expect.   We expect to offer tethering in the future.