AT&T Confirms iPhone 5 Release Date Delivery for Some Pre-Orders

It appears as though AT&T is sending out emails to those who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 last Friday and confirming release date delivery for some of those pre-orders.

We have received several tips from readers that show that AT&T is currently sending out confirmation emails to many who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 last week. Those confirmation emails state that the orders are reserved and that they should arrive as soon as September 21st, the release date for the iPhone 5.

The emails also say that another email will arrive from AT&T with carrier information and a tracking number though those who have received this email say that their order is still processing on AT&T’s website.

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Coming soon…or not.

Here is an example of one of the emails AT&T is sending out:

Dear [Redacted],

Thank you for your recent purchase from the AT&T Premier Online Store.  We’re pleased that you chose AT&T as your service provider.

We wanted to confirm that your order is reserved and should arrive as soon as September 21, 2012.

As a reminder, you will receive an email from the AT&T Premier Team confirming shipment along with the carrier information and tracking number to track your shipment online.

Your web order number is: [Redacted]

Your order(s) will be delivered to the following address:


We appreciate your business.

Thank you for choosing AT&T,

The AT&T Premier Team

So this person clearly ordered through AT&T Premier which is geared toward businesses. Those who pre-ordered through this route last Friday will likely be getting a similar email if their order will arrive on September 21st.

However, many of those that weren’t fortunate enough to order through Premier seem to be in the dark right now as far as when their iPhone 5 is going to arrive.

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We’ve heard from several people who pre-ordered through both AT&T’s website and by phone on Friday and who were told that their device would arrive on September 21st. Several of those still have no idea when their device might arrive.

That list includes me as I have yet to receive any email confirmation from AT&T though they said to expect something in the next day or two. AT&T’s customer service line says that my order has left the warehouse to be shipped but neither the automated line nor a representative could give me any other details other than to say I should receive an email soon.

Have you received confirmation?