AT&T Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.4 Update Now Available

While the Samsung Galaxy S2 appears ready to get a Jelly Bean update sometime in the near future, at least one carrier is rolling out another Ice Cream Sandwich update before it arrives as tonight, the AT&T Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.4 update became available Over-the-Air for owners of the aging device.

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AT&T announced tonight that an update is now available to Galaxy S2 owners who are already running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The update is available Over-the-Air through the device’s settings right now and quite possibly, through Samsung Kies as well.

Tonight’s update, according to XDA-Developers forum, takes the AT&T Galaxy S2 to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. AT&T’s website does not list the version of the update or the build though it looks to be

Previously, the AT&T Galaxy S2 had been running on Android 4.0.3, the version. The update comes about six months after AT&T upgraded the Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich, an update that rolled out all the way back in June of this year. That update was Android 4.0.3 as opposed to Android 4.0.4.


The AT&T Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.4 update is now available.

The update is an extremely minor update and according to AT&T, these are the changes:

  • Improves the¬†AT&T branded application launch process
  • An EAS/Office 365¬†security pop-up fix
  • An update to all Google branded applications

It’s certainly not Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it looks like it could tackle some issues that Galaxy S2 owners have been dealing with. Again, it appears that only those who are running Android 4.0 are going to be able to see this update and those that are still on Gingerbread won’t see a prompt.

AT&T still hasn’t announced any kind of a roll out date for the Galaxy S2’s likely next big update, Android 4.1, an update that Samsung promised for the device at some point in the future. Thus far, the only clue that AT&T Galaxy S2 owners have is the fact that Rogers, AT&T’s Canadian counterpart, will be rolling out the Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update in late January. No specific date was specified.

AT&T and Rogers typically roll out their updates around the same time so it could be that the AT&T Galaxy S2 gets its Jelly Bean update in late January as well.