AT&T Galaxy S4 Launch Takes Another Confusing Turn

Over the weekend, the launch of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 took another confusing turn as the carrier pushed the shipping time of the Galaxy S4 back to April 30th, shortly after it had shifted the date to a much earlier date of April 23rd.

Update: AT&T Galaxy S4 Starts Shipping Soon, Hits Stores on April 27th.

Despite having its Samsung Galaxy S4 up for sale since April 16th, the AT&T Galaxy S4 launch has been confusing at best. Since the device went on order, AT&T has not issued a specific release date for the device and has changed its shipping date not once, but twice, leaving those looking to order and those who have ordered, extremely confused.

The AT&T Galaxy S4 is now listed as shipping out on April 30th.

The AT&T Galaxy S4 is now listed as shipping out on April 30th.

Last week, AT&T switched the shipping time of the Galaxy S4 up to April 23rd, a date that falls just ahead of the Galaxy S4’s rumored release dates of April 24th and April 26th. Just a short time ago though, AT&T bumped the Galaxy S4 shipping date back to its original shipping date of April 30th, the date that AT&T promised it would ship out when the pre-order first arrived.

The carrier has done so without explanation and so far, the company has refused to comment on the change and customer service representatives have zero answers.

This is just the latest in a confusing Galaxy S4 launch at Ma Bell, one that we said last week was still without any confirmed release date. A source told Gotta Be Mobile that the carrier had been indecisive on a Galaxy S4 release date though it had been targeting April 26th as its official release date. Whether that applies to online, in-store, or both remains to be seen.

We also saw AT&T customer service representatives telling consumers that the device would be in stores on May 3rd, a date that neither AT&T nor the leaks have confirmed or mentioned. It could be that AT&T is simply saying that orders placed today will ship out on April 30th while previous orders will ship on April 23rd, it’s unclear.

AT&T has also yet to put the confirmed 32GB Galaxy S4 up for pre-order. So with April 24th just a few days away, it still has an assortment of questions to answer in regards to its Galaxy S4 launch.

Of course, it’s not alone. Verizon has yet to issue a release date only saying that it will come in May and U.S. Cellular, despite taking orders, has only said that the device will be coming at some point in April.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is AT&T’s latest Android flagship and it will be challenging the new HTC One with its 5-inch display, quad-core processor, 13MP camera, Android 4.2 and more when it arrives in the days ahead.