AT&T Confirms Unlimited Data for Loyal iPhone 5 Customers

AT&T has confirmed that those who currently are grandfathered into an unlimited data plan can keep that unlimited data plan with the iPhone 5.

The carrier confirmed the news to Gotta Be Mobile simply saying that those who are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5 will be able to keep their unlimited data plan.

Those who are upgrading to the iPhone 5 will not have to pay an unsubsidized price for the iPhone 5 like unlimited data owners on Verizon will have to. Those who wish to keep unlimited data on Verizon will have to pay a hefty fee to pair the iPhone 5 with unlimited data. The cheapest unsubsidized iPhone 5 will cost $649.99.

Those who don’t wish to keep unlimited data will then be forced into a shared data plan on Verizon.

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iPhone 5 4G LTE

AT&T iPhone 5 customers grandfathered into unlimited data can keep those plans.

Customers grandfathered into unlimited data plans on AT&T looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5 will be treated to a much cheaper price tag. AT&T will offer the iPhone 5 to unlimited customers starting at $199.99 for the 16GB model. The most expensive subsidized iPhone 5 is $399.99 which will net a 64GB iPhone 5.

Those who are signing up for new contracts with AT&T will not have access to an unlimited data plan and will instead be forced to choose between individual line plans or a shared data plan.

This is fantastic news for those looking to stay on AT&T and is definitely a way for the carrier to keep some of its older customers from jumping ship to Sprint or Verizon.

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The iPhone 5 release date has been confirmed for September 21st and the device will go up for pre-order at midnight starting September 14th. Those on the east coast of the United States will be able to pre-order the device starting at 3am.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 features a new 4-inch display, a faster processor, iOS 6, a new design that is both taller and slimmer, and upgraded cameras making it solid option for those looking to get a new smartphone.